Sunday, December 21, 2008

'Tis the season

Environment Canada Weather Forecast

Metro Vancouver
Issued at: 11.00 AM PST Sunday 21 December 2008

Snowfall warning in effect.
Today..Snow at times heavy and local blowing snow. Amount 5 to 10 cm. Windy. High minus 2.
Tonight..Periods of snow ending overnight then cloudy. Amount 5 cm. Local blowing snow early this evening. Windy. Temperature steady near minus 3.
Monday..Cloudy. Becoming sunny with cloudy periods in the morning. High minus 1.

Tuesday..Cloudy with 70 percent chance of snow. Low minus 6. High minus 1.
Wednesday..Periods of snow. Low minus 2. High zero.
Thursday..Cloudy with 60 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 2. High zero.
Normals for the period..Low plus 1. High 6.

We've had no running water at the house for 4 days now. The pipes are frozen & when I left the marina this morning people were so mad! No one has water there (100+ people). I'm interested to see what happened when I get home. We are in dire need of doing dishes & laundry. Thankfully we have heat. I would be so outta there if there was no heat. We also are able to use the public marina facilities. It's gross though. Only one shower & I swear no one cleans it. We bought a new shower curtain for the stall. I hate going there. I can only imagine how busy it will be if we don't get the water going soon at the marina. I think getting it going is un-likey because the weather is sooooo cold + snowy.

Today would have been a perfect day to stay home & be snuggly watching movies from the couch. I am working though. It's been dead. The roads are terrible, I don't blame people. I am hoping tomorrow is better. I can't belive how quick Christmas is creeping up on us.

I have to still pick up a few things.

I am still thinking about sweet Saori. I still don't have the details & hope that her ex-boyfriend will come in soon. I just don't understand. She was such a strong girl. Sadness. I sent her an email, hoping that it wouldn't come back. It did.

I gotta go shovel my walk again.

Friday, December 19, 2008

not good

I just found out that one of the girls that use to work for me passed away in June. I had no idea. She was 6 months pregnant. Terrible. She was the sweetest girl ever. Really she was. My youngest daughter loved her. Anytime we drive by where she lived, my daughter mentions Saori. Saori had painted her toes a few times. She did them all lady bug style & polka dots, when she would baby sit her. Ideya loved her for that and will never forget her.

Saori was an only child. I had met her mom & grandma on a visit to Vancouver 3 years ago. Her poor mom & grandma. I don't know any of the details, but this is shitty news. I can't imagine worse news today. I almost wish that I had never found out. Sadness. I went looking for the picture of her & her mom & grandma, but it's on my old computer in storage. Damn.

I'm a little bit of an emotional mess again. I wish death wasn't part of life. I wish people didn't get that sad. That deep sadness where there is no light for them. She had a baby in her. Oh my gosh.... this is just pure tragic-ness.

My last email to her was exactly a year ago. We were wishing each other a Merry Christmas.


Sad truth

This morning on the news they were reporting how a woman was trying to keep warm under her tarp in her shopping cart by lite candles in the cart. It was pretty freezing cold last night. Anyway, something set on fire & she was unable to get out. So sad. Tragic. That was someones daughter, sister, mother, maybe even grandmother.

I found this.
Everyone kind of needs a Santa.

I'm trying to figure out who to help...

Going there now. Every little bit helps.

Monday, December 15, 2008


I was so excited to put my glasses on when I got home Friday. To my dismay, as soon as I put those suckers on it was like I was in a "fun house" looking into one of those crazy distorted mirrors. D-arn it! I tried so hard to make it work. Like seriously. I was determined. I ended up having to take them back to the eye wear place. I thought maybe they put the lenses in all weird or something... but "they" say it's just my perscription in those large frames. So sad. They are trying to get me to buy one of their frames & then cut the big lenses down. Sooo so sad. I wanted them. Sucky.

We've been having such a cold world here in the last 3 days!!! It snowed & snowed & now it's just freezing. I like it. I don't mind the cold, because we have been having clear skies. Which is so unusual for us (usually gloomy dark days hover above us all winter). The weather this cold is just unusual period. It was so cold, Friday night when we got home our water line froze. Because SOMEONE said it would never happen & not to leave the water running in our house. Turns out that YES, it does happen & we have to keep the tap running so it doesn't EVER happen again. I had to shower in the main marina shower & it was terrible. Not to mention going there to use the bathroom. Living with 2 little girls means lot's of trips to the bathroom. Thankfully when I got home last night, they thawed out our line & we had lovely hot water. I love hot water. Living on the floating home, has made me appreciate so many things that you just just take for granted when living on land.

Last night & the night before there was a Christmas Cruise, that the marina next to us have every year to raise money for a local charity. There was about 35 boats all decorated to the max with lights & santa's galore! It was mighty chilly so we didn't get a chance to see them all, but they were puttering by our marina & then turning around heading back to their marina and then out again! Last night they were moving pretty fast (probably because it was so chilly!) Sadly none of my pictures really turned out.

Tomorrow is the infamous Christmas Party at our marina (drunken debauchery) , but we can't make it. I heard that it is hilarios & super funny with all the drunk old timers. We're headed to a potluck party at my youngest daughters contortion school. I'm so nervous. I hate potlucks. I'm nervous that people won't like what I bring. I better go look up some recipes!!! Anyone know of any good dishes???

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A good cause

This is Andrew, he is 11 years old. He started this great project in 2005. Called Andrews Book's. He collects children's books for schools in isolated first nations communities in Canada. He started with just collecting books from kids at his own birthday party. So no toys for him, he would just request books from his party guests to help other children out! Can you believe it?? So sweet.

This year he had hoped to beat his record of 300 books from last year. Sadly so far only 75 books have been collected. And not very much in dollars has been donated. So terrible! Andrew has a website here, Andrew's Books. You can find more about his project there & his goals. Also a paypal button if you are so kind to help this little guy reach his goal.

These are the children that he is helping this year. They live in Attawapiskat, Ontario, It's very sad the conditions that these children have to learn in, in our very OWN country. They have been fighting for a new school for a while, but still have not received proper funding. How could anyone say "no" to children begging for a school?!!! It's crazy & so sad.

You can see more about them & their school J.R Nakogee Elementary School here.
I couldn't think of children more deserving of our help.

I'm hoping that you will check it out & help Andrew out & help other children that aren't as lucky. You can even send new children's books to him, if you don't have paypal!

I'm going to set up a little box in Occupied to help out too!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eye got my glasses!

I love the detailing on the sides of the frames...
I'm giving myself a headache wearing them with my contacts.
I'm squinting & trying so hard to see what they look like on...
I'll have to be patient and wait till I get home!

The doeeeee is for meeeeeeee!

It's ain't Christmas with out Run DMC!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Blind as a bat

I had found these amazing glasses on my last trip to Victoria, at a little antique shop. I had to have them. I haven't worn glasses in soooooo long! I'm all about the contacts. But, I do love good glasses & I had to have these ones in the case at the antique shop. I have been keeping them in safe keeping until I went to get my eyes checked. I was so nervous to go to the eye doctors. I totally knew that my eyes had gotten worse in the last 3 1/2 years since my last eye exam. I was pleasantly surprised that the eye doctor reduced my prescription! YAY!!!

So I went and took my precious frames to get lenses in and... such bad news. I am blind as a bat even with the reduced prescription, but they no longer really make lenses that will fit these HUGE frames. Is this not odd? Where is that warehouse filled with deadstock of 80's lenses when you need it!??? In real life the majority of people favor those small rectangular frames. So people like me who are so visually impaired go for the smallest glasses to hide their thick lenses. I went & did the exact opposite and got the largest frames "apparently". I fell in love with these frames. I wasn't even thinking. It was love. I just went with my feeling. Darn it.

So now the dilemma is that the lenses that do fit are a tad ghetto. Ghetto in price (-$100, could be a good thing BUT) & they say there will be lense spillage off the side (think coke bottle bottoms), because I am so blind. They referred to my frames as windshield size, there is not other option. So not fair! I had to give the "okay" to put the less desirable lenses in. What could I do? The eye wear place kept offering me an alternative in their shop. They referred to my frames as windshield size. Forget it! I love these frames. I pray to the eye wear gods that the spillage on the sides is not as severe as they mentioned. I was so looking forward to sporting by new eye glasses :(
Out in public! Not just in the safety of my home.

I heard the countdown today that there is only 14 more days of shopping left. Panic has set in. I still haven't started any shopping for my girls (shhhhh don't tell!) I'm such last minute nelly. I am kind of hoping to do it in one day. I do this to myself every year. I think I must be addicted to the stress. I think/hope this year will be easier. The girls are kind of growing out of "toys" & it's on to the bigger things. Electronics & expensive clothes for the older one & the little contortionist wants hand balancing canes (Which I hope a friend will make) & she wants super hard foam blocks for doing bridges & cart wheels off of... not to mention some new clothes and of course webkinz! She is addicted to webkinz! Could we possibly get any more? I swear we have 60 in our house already! I'm think cute little re-ment sets for her too!

I better get sewing more of those turkey legs! I got my sewing machine back this morning! YAY!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dreams of flying

Found this photographer, Jan Von Holleben.
via Black Eiffel.

He has kids send in their own photos inspired by his series "Dreams of flying".
You can see more photos that were sent to him from kids here.

I love it!

Friday, December 5, 2008


I was looking for an e-card today to send my mom for her birthday & you know how there really is not to many good ones out there... Well I came across this really REALLY great site! They are pretty witty! You totally have to check them out, there is tons that made me chuckle, some slightly inappropriate... but hilarious none the less.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Advent calendar

I got this advent calendar the other day. My friend came in on a surprise pop in visit & her son had these for sale. I couldn't resist the Yeti Advent Calendar!!! The boy that made this is named Chaii & he is 10 years old. He is a very talented lad. He even hand stitched the cutest little pouch for me, with two little soft sculptures in it. It was a very pleasant surprise!

If you are interested, I have more of these at the shop!!!
Chaii says the best one is on the 24th!!!
Well of course it is!
Saving the best for last!

I totally forgot to mention to say, "thank you" to Craftzine for posting about my giant turkey window display! So many people have swung by sewoccupied!!! Thanks for coming to see my little world everyone!!

The results....

Ric Yuenn got 1st place for the window decorating contest in our neighbourhood & Occupied got 2nd place!!!

I've never won anything before! so this is pretty exciting. Today they handed over the prize, and it is $300 in gift certificates to foodie places in Gastown. Like Jules, Water Street Cafe, Chill Winston & Salt or The Irish Heather. YAY!!! I'm so excited! I never go out anywhere, so this is great excuse to stay far, far, away from the restaurants my kids love (i.e Dairy queen & Burger King)

Ric Yuenn got $400 in certificates for 1st place!!!

3rd place was the Hudson House, which is a tourist shop on Water St. Sorry for no pictures of that one.

Now I gotta figure out which place to eat at....Mmmmmmmmm!!!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you for the lovely turkey dinner

I've been working on these guys. I made them last year too. This year there is a little spin on them though. Kind of what inspired the giant turkey in the window display at Occupied.

50% of the sale of the little turkey legs will got towards helping purchase turkeys for families in need this holiday season. The official name of these guys are,
"Thank you for the lovely turkey dinner".

I'm hoping people will purchase them to give to the hosts of Christmas dinners!!!

I know I'd be pretty happy to get one of these guys!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My weekend/one day off

Yesterday was the most relaxing day I have had in FOREVER! I did nothing. NOTHING!!! Can you believe it?!! All I did was lounge on the couch & watched the Gossip Girl marathon!!! I am very lucky. My girls just left me alone. I had to bribe them with a movie at the end of the day. Which now I owe them... because the movie they wanted was not playing at the theatre we went to :(

I'm sad that today I don't get to watch the rest of the episodes, but it was nice to see what was going on. I seriously love that show. It would be so easy to catch up now I think/I hope.

This weekend was suppose to be about getting the Christmas stuff out at home. I wasn't feeling it yesterday, so the best I could do was bring out the family of Christmas kitties for now. I have been noticing that more people are decorating their boats down at the marina. I love it.
Boats with lights at night is fantastic! We have to get our lights on the house before it gets to cold out...

Friday, November 28, 2008

The turkey is done!

The turkey is officially done!
Still waiting to hear if we won the window display contest.
I hope we did!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daytime display

Pictures at night to come once dark hits!!!


Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans celebrating today!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

How old was is it?

I needed help getting the turkey out of the house & to the van. It's so heavy!!! I couldn't find enough stuffin' for it so it is filled with anything & everything I could find - including the kitchen sink! I swear!

We had to make a stop at the box factory, as I making a giant oven for it for the window display & the guy helping us load the cardboard in the van, asks us "How old was it?!". We said "This turkey are given growth hormones to get to this size".

The Turkey is in the window, but I am just making the oven right now. It is getting many comments!!!

I will post more pics when it is done!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm so in love with these guys

I'm unpacking boxes today of so many goodies, it's been hard to keep my head straight. I am especially in love with these little guys. They are called Troglodytes.
They are handmade by, Jill Penney.

I am in awe of the little army of Trogs. I really really want one for Christmas. I just don't know which one I'm going to claim yet. They each have such a distinct personality. EGAD! they are so adorable.

I started working on my window display Saturday & to my dismay, everyone was sold out of the stuffing I like to use for my toys. It is such a HUGE project & requires about 20 pounds of stuffing or more. I know. I am insane. But, if all goes well, it will be so awesome!

I'm actually leaving work early to go stuff my stuff.

Have a good Monday!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Heads up!

I got this little treasure yesterday. I usually stay away from dolls. Because, they seem connected to whatever/whom ever... Like they'll come alive & watch you or something. I had no qualms about this doll. Maybe because it has no body & can't attack me while I sleep. But for whatever reason I was drawn to it. I had to have it.

I got a chance today to look it up from it's embossed marking on it's neck. It is a "Baby Dimples" head from 1928. Now after looking the doll up, I want to find a body for it & put it back together.

Poor Baby Dimples with no body....

I was never into antique dolls. But, after looking at them for the past hour, I could actually get into them. I feel sorry for them. The lives they once had with their original owners... Then tucked away & forgotten about for 80 years. I'm such a sucker for strays. Stray animals, stray toys... stray people.

Check out this giant bunny from Italy.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holy cake string!

Found these + more cake string on a thriftin' excursion a month or so ago. They even had YELLOW! I was amazed. I think I have a life time supply of cake string now. You can never have too much of a good thing.

I'm procrastinating on this big window display that I have to get done next week. I really ought to start it tonight. It has to be done by next Thursday. I'm all about the "crunch time". I work better under pressure. No, that's not true. I get all stressed out when I work like that.

I'm gettin' on it. I'm so excited!

There is a contest in the neighbourhood for best window display. I wanna win. They are giving $400 worth of gift certificates at restaurants in the 'hood. You know how many bowls of tortilla soup I can by with that??? There is a place around the corner that serves it up. Love it. Love is a hot bowl of tortilla soup with a big goopy mess of melted cheese in the bottom of it. Heaven.

Anyway - the wheels are turning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The world at our fingers

We found this globe a while back. I had never seen one like this before. There is white dots that are numbered on the globe & if you line up the little viewer number, according to the number on the globe you can see a clip/slide of that country.

Can you see it? I tried so hard to capture what you see through the viewer...

Squint real hard... It's the pyramids (2 to be exact) in Egypt!!!
You see it now don't you???!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm glad it's almost tomorrow.
Tomorrow = sleep in day.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"I love music", she writes.

My oldest daughter has been learning the guitar at school during music class, just since last week. I think this is fantastic! She is quick to pick up instruments and has a new found love for the acoustic guitar. On every foggy surface she finds, she writes "I love music" really everywhere!!! She is so excited about music class. Bringing home her music book to practice notes on her guitar. Santa got her & her sister lovely Hello Kitty guitars last Christmas. They sadly haven't been brought out very often, but now it's a different story for one of the two kitties. YAY!

The girls were writing out their Christmas Wish/Demand List yesterday. My oldest daughter is now hoping for an acoustic guitar this year. At least she hasn't discovered Guitar Hero! I hooked up the Wii a couple of weekends ago. They hadn't played it since we moved to the floating home, in May. I've created Wii monsters now. They love it, I don't know how I feel about it. They are so competitive. Maybe all sisters are like that. But, it can be vicious, as girls can be. When I was setting up the Wii to the t.v, I had to pull it out a bit to get it behind to plug the cords in the back. The darn thing started to fall!!! It's kind of up high above the built in desk on this shelf in the corner. The 42 inch plasma t.v bonked me straight in the head! I screamed "Oh my god!", as it fell in slow motion on top of my head. Luckily I caught it with my elbow & then my other hand caught up with it as it rebounded off my head. I swear, It made me 2 inches shorter. Those t.v's are h-e-a-v-y. Thankfully it didn't break & my head didn't snap off. I really couldn't imagine life with out my head or some trashy t.v before bed. I told the girls that is the last time I will ever EVER touch the t.v. I will however use a remote.

The guy in the awesome guitar boat is Josh Pykes.
Crazy great.

Friday, November 7, 2008

She wasn't all bummed out! YAY!!!

Contortion class for my daughter went perfect for her yesterday night! I guess our talk kind of worked. There was 3 other girls in the studio doing their own thing when she was in there and she was fine. When I walked in to get her, one of the older girls was so excited for her. I'm so relieved. Relieved that we've made a baby step to being more comfortable around the other girls. I know she can do it & I'm so glad she did her best. Her teacher even said it was the best class she has had so far. Which is surprising, because my daughter has a little bit of a sniffly cold. She even wanted me to give her teacher a heads up on the cold, so she wouldn't work so hard. After class she said she still worked her hard anyway.

The puppy above is sweet Steady. He is my friend Mikes frenchie. He is 8 months old right now & has the cutest biggest paws EVER. I'm in love with his perfect paws. He is so great! We played with Steady last week on a visit to the tattoo shop that Mike works.

Check out this Shibu Inu puppy cam!
I'm in awe of the cuteness going on over there.
Found Via Gracie O

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The stubborn contortionist

My youngest has been doing her contortion classes every week. She looks forward to the class so much. Just last week her teacher told me she would now like my daughter to join the older class for November. I wasn't sure how she would feel about it, but you would hope for excitement about moving up a class, rather than refusal to go ahead. To ease her into the next class, we were going to stay extra for a bit so she could watch the other class, after her class. To give her an idea what goes on with the others. She is still just doing one on one right now. My little lady still has issues with shyness. Which has put a hold on her moving forward at this point. When the next class comes in a little early before her class is even over, she kind of freezes up. Gets all shy & won't complete the class. The odd thing is even if I try and come in a little early to watch, same thing happens. She refuses to do what she is told & gets all chin to chest shy. I will leave because it gets so darn uncomfortable.

At home, she will totally train with me. She will even share what she can do (in the comfort of her home) with people she doesn't even know that well. Why, she gets shy around me in front of her teacher is a mystery. This has happened 3 times now. She gets shy to tears almost. It's no fun picking her up & she is crying. Especially when contortion class makes her so happy. Her teacher approached me after last class & said that she knows that my daughter loves the class & loves doing it, but we'll just keep doing one on one for now until she gets more comfortable in front of others. True, she is only 7 & I don't want to push her. But, it was a total fluke she even got to do private lessons. It was only because no one else joined up. If she were in ballet, gymnastics, or even swimming lessons other children would be in her class. It's just the way childhood works... you learn in a class of peers. I just want her to get over the shyness. The other girls in the other class are so excited to have her join them. It's so sad that she is holding herself back. Once she gets to the next class, she'll get to do so many more things. Like more over stretching with a partner & duo tricks. She just doesn't know what she is missing. I'm hoping that maybe we will try again this week to at least watch the other class. I know once she see's what goes on, that she will feel more comfortable. I think it's the not knowing, that is giving her anxiety about moving up. But as for the matter of not being able to continue her class in front of me or other girls, is a mystery.

My little shy stubborn contortionist.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Was that Halloween night?

Maybe my expectations for the new neighborhood were too high. I got home in a manic rush after work, expecting the girls to be ready in costumes to fly out the door for the trick-o-treat-a-thon. To my dismay, they looked a little stunned when I arrived. My youngest was game. The oldest not so much. She had been camping all week & was burnt out I think. She ended up having a melt down and decided to stay home. She is only 11!! Missed out on the trick o' treatin'! I would have never ever!!! I can't believe she was okay with that. Anyway, she stayed & my youngest and I headed to the closest densely populated area. We live in a marina close to nothing but car lots & massage parlours. We headed a few blocks away close to a school. I swear all the houses are only 2 feet apart. I was expecting something out of a scene from E.T. Where there were kids everywhere taking over the cul-de-sacs, just thick of ghosts & ghouls. Not so lucky. Maybe it is Richmond??? Did I not get the memo of Halloween being cancelled?? People don't believe in Halloween in Richmond, I think.... must be.

But, it was 7pm & it was dead. DEAD. Where the hell were all the kids??? The area we were in was right across from an elementary school!!! I couldn't believe it. I pictured most people hiding in their back rooms sitting in the corner listening to their radios. Hoping no one would come to the door. Houses were pitch black. We are talking HUNDREDS of houses. We went to 4 houses in that area. The people participating in the candy giving were really really spread out! We spent a good half an hour just walking & walking HOPING that we would see some sign of a jack-o-lantern. Nothing! So sad.

So we went to another area. We saw a couple of other families so we pulled over & jumped out. Went to one home. The other crew was thick with teenagers & they were so loud. Hit about 4 more houses in a 6 block area! Then it was dead quiet. It was lonely & I got a little spooked after the loud teenagers went missing. We walked all the way back to the van. My poor little devil was a little depressed about how long it was taking to even fill half her bucket. I thought because it was so barren that people would just dump ALL their candy in her little waiting bucket. But, only one candy per house!!! I think we were in hell. For reals.

So once last attempt. We drive to one more area. By this time it is 8pm 'ish. It's getting late. This area we had a little more luck. We met another family (mother & 2 daughters) that kind of leeched on to us. But, they made us walk far ahead (but we are kind of fast walkers), then they would yell out "YOU SEE SOMETHING?". I'd giver her the heads up & they would either run up with us, or turn back around & head back. It was the strangest Halloween I have ever had. I noticed a few more cars would slow down when they saw us. Then a couple kids would jump out & look for houses to stop at & then load back in. Who does that?!!! I am not into the driving & stopping & searching. We are going to go back to our old 'hood in North Vancouver. It was so depressing!!! By the end of it, we ended up loosing our other family & we were all alone in the dark streets (picture above). We called it a night. Where were all the kids!!!???

It was not as fun as previous years. But it was a definite adventure. Some what of a treasure hunt.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

My oldest daughter comes back from camping this afternoon. I can't wait to see her. It's been soooo long since I have seen her! Well since Monday morning!!!

I've kind of had to pull her costume together with out her this week. She wanted to be Chuck, from Pushing Up Daisies but wasn't sure if people would get it. She found this great dress that she loves - so she is just going to a "dead girl". My other daughter is going to be a devil. Which is kind of fitting for her.

It's suppose to be rainy & windy tonight. Which is a little bit of a drag! We normally host a little Halloween party with the bestest friends & then head out to go trick o' treatin' together but, since we live so far from the school now... it will just be the two of them. Which is kind of sad, but I'm sure they will have fun just the same.

Have a great Halloween everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This lady needs her OWN show

This has brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. It got funnier the more times I watched it. Someone get this lady & her dog Happy, their own show. It's terrible... but so hilarious. Forgive me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaving the nest

My oldest daughter has left the nest for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!

I was/am totally freaking out. I have never been apart from her really. She is camping this week with her classmates doing outdoor school. I know she will have blast! They get to do so many wonderful things while there.

I wish I could sneak up there & check in on her. I was thinking about when she was a just starting Kindergarten & her dad and I went at her recess time to spy on her. But, then she spotted us & we stopped peeking/spying on her.

Today when I was dropping her off at school, she kept on trying to ditch me. She was all "You aren't coming all the way are you? Let's just say good-bye here." I knew what she was hinting at. She is totally embarrassed by me! Why!!! ?? WHY??!!! I'm a cool mom, non? Anyway, I gave her big bear hug squeeze & a kiss right there on the spot. She was not impressed. I walked up to her friends and was chit chatting them & my daughter(s) totally disappeared on me. I turned around & they were both gone. It's like I have the plague or something. It was not how I pictured her first send off. I wanted to take pictures of her with friends AND getting on the bus AND her waving from the bus.... but that didn't happen.

She bailed on me. I thought about waiting around & seeing her off. As I drove by her and her crew....I drove slow hoping to make eye contact with my baby... she never even looked my way. I couldn't honk and wave... I had to just go. She would have died if I honked. I so wanted to.

Things have come full circle. I totally remember feeling like that.

It's so sad. What a bummer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Has it been that long?!

I can not believe so much time has gone by! I'm sorry for taking so long to update. Things have been crazy in my world. Also lack of internet puts a damper on updates. We have no internet at home anymore. Sadly the fellow that we shared internet with moved two docks over & we can't pick up his signal anymore. We tried to get Telus internet, but discovered that when the modem arrived we didn't actually have a phone jack in our home! When they say "wireless" - it's not as wireless as you think. Then we tried to arrange for the phone technician to come and install a phone line, only to find out that apparently we have phone & internet already!!! But not really us... It's a case of stolen identity. I.D fraud to be exact! We had no idea. Now we have to figure out what else this bad guy has done with the I.D. Terrible. I.D fraud is so insane. I can not believe that so many people out there get away with it! Then the victim has to clean up the mess. Such a hassle. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Speaking of bad guys. I didn't want to say anything about it, but I really have to, because it is driving me crazy. There had been/is a man that is/was robbing shops in our area. Mainly targeting girls working alone. He was armed & demanding all the cash out tills. Not doing any other damage or taking anything else. Well this fellow managed to hit 12 shops in less that two weeks. All in our area. Even went as far as to hit a business on our block TWICE!!! Can you believe that? Twice!?? The poor girl working. It was the same girl both times!!! I would need counseling after that. He was unsuccessful the second time, because she screamed. I'm so surprised that she could. You know those nightmares you have & you try to scream, but nothing comes out - I actually heard the scream & then saw the guy running past. I have become to know, that if you see someone running fast in this area --- It's not a good thing. The police arrived pretty quick. As they were working on the details of the case, they got a call not 5 minutes in about ANOTHER armed robbery call to a shop just 1 block down!!! Bad guy got away again!!! WTF??!!!

How on earth does a man rob during daylight 12 times & get away (on foot!)????!!! No do-gooders/heroes helping?... I can not believe this. The next day, we get visits from the police and details about the man. Basically they are pretty sure they know who he is & they just brief us on what will go on. That there are under cover police all around watching and waiting for him to hit, so they can take him down. So we are sitting ducks. That day, I noticed more police in the area on foot. There was no taking him down that day. Heard nothing for 2 days after that. Just kind of lived in fear that he could come in to our shops at any point. Some merchants went as far as locking their doors & having customers knock to get in. Some still do it, once night fall hits. I think this is just crazy. In all my time working retail, this is a first. I have to say that 4 years ago when we moved into this area & there was not as many businesses filling the streets... this was not going on. I can not believe I felt safer back then. It is suppose to be better here. The area must/is getting worse. How could it be? There is more homeless, more blatant drug deals in the midst of what is suppose to be "Modern Urban Shopping Haven". Oh please! This can get me on a whole other topic of how do they expect to deal/clean up this area for 2010???

Anyway...., a couple days go by & nothing happens. We come in one morning & there is a big operation going down. The guy had hit 2 other places again the day/night before & they are determined to get him. This actually got press. I'm guessing only because he robbed in a "cleaner area" of town. He robs upteen times in our area & it didn't SCREAM to the police that something needed to be done until he had hit 8 times!!! 8 times. This is just crazy. Well within minutes of getting to the shop, they take a guy down that was leaving the rooming house that is above the shoppe. Police dog arrives, all sorts of police. Then 2 minutes later, they take ANOTHER guy down! Oh the drama!!! Both guys were later released, but I swear this was just a act put on by Vancouver's finest. To make it appear that they were "doing something". Because after that chaos. I didn't see any police, it was so quiet out there. Since then, we've all beefed up our own security & lightened our floats, because you just don't know if you'll be next.

Last I heard Friday was that the police had someone in custody & that they were 99 % sure it was the guy. Hasn't been confirmed yet. I really hope they did catch him.


This morning as I was making breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window only to discover that the main dock (We live on a floating home remember) Is totally cranked! As in jacked up side ways. So then of course the girls think that there is no school today because we are stuck in our house with no way out. But, I tell them to keep up the pace & I go out to check it out. There is a couple of guys already working on it. I'm glad the marina is full of early risers. Yesterday night was really windy & some logs floated in & one got turned up right under the dock & when the tide went out, it got stuck & decided to rip up the main dock. This happens, I'm told.

I was actually scared that our house caused it. Apparently our house rocked so much last year during storms that it was wearing on the dock. But, they have moved us to ensure that it doesn't happen this season. I still love marina life. I couldn't imagine going back to live on land. This is our first winter at the marina & I'm sure more exciting things will happen. Last night the house was so rocky, it basically rocked me to sleep. I slept like a baby. I do admit that I had moments of fear that the house would tip over, as I drifted off to dream-land. But, I've been assured that our house is not going to tip... so I just have to believe the ol' timers.

I've got a million things to do today!!!
Have a good day y'all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The weekend

I am so sad that weekends will no longer be spent with visits, basking in the sun at the beach.
I need sunshine! It's been so dark & gloomy here the last couple of days. And it is expected to be the same all weekend here.

My weekend will be spent sewing again. OH! my youngest wanted to catch the Beverley Hills Chihuahua movie. I actually promised her if both girls were nice to each other all week, then it was a done deal. I'll take them tomorrow. I hate to say it, but it looks pretty funny.

YAY for weekends!!! Have a good one!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My sunshine Luke

Getting in the last few moments of warm sunshine!

Happy October 1st!!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh lovely pumpkins!

My weekend was all about pumpkins! Sewing! sewing! and more sewing!!! Yes, people I'm back! I got my mojo back. I swear to you. I'm working on hedgehogs too - Oh yes my patient friends, pizza's are next on the list!

I had forgotten I even made pumpkins, until some one requested them at the shop. She happily scooped up 3 of these guys yesterday!!! Those sweet pumpkins didn't have to wait too long to find a new home.

My voice is still hoarse from being sick last week. I almost started to get worried that it is going to be like this FOREVER! I often get laryngitis (I know I got that one wrong!) but you know what I mean! I get sick & then I loose the voice. It's happened ever since I was 14. I have mixed feeling about my new voice. I hope people who have I have spoken to, don't think this is the real me voice - Or that I am a some pre-op tranny.

Off to sew!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A sign from god

It's hard to tell but, the guying walking with the dogs... ahead of all these people in the alley is Brad Pattison from the t.v show, End of my Leash. I came into work today & there he be! He actually was filming with a couple just on my corner for like 1/2 hour. I didn't have the guts to take a picture then - so all I got was this spy photo once they were done. I had no idea that they did episodes in Vancouver! I'm taking it as a sign & am applying for help with my dog Totoro. He suffers from numerous issues. Not sure if I created this monster, but hoping for some help from Brad. I honestly am not too sure if Totoro is even curable. His biggest issue is seperation anxiety. The yowls/howls & whining that come out of this dog are so loud & hard to take if you are even within a 1/2 block radius of him when he gets in this mode. He truly is un-consolable, he thinks the world is going to end. It is kind of embarrassing too. We can't really take him anywhere if he will be left for a minute alone. Actually even if one of us stays with him, he will act all crazy end-of-the-world 'ish. Poor dog.

I'm sending out a plea to Brad & hope that he can help us with Totoro!

Fingers crossed!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thrifting gods

Oh the thrifting gods were on my side yesterday!! Scored this super duper cute little lamp for the girls room. I had one very similar when I was growing up. Not half as great as this one though. Mine just had the typical blue pretty flowers. BUT this one is so sweet! With her little deer friend & her basket full of mushrooms! Love it.

Then I almost passed out when I found this quilt with my mostest favoritest characters EVER on it! D-I-E-D! I almost died right there in the linen aisle. I'm pretty sure I passed out & my kids found me laying on the floor grasping so tightly on to this quilt - that is the cutest little quilt EVER. I got it for a whopping $3.99! I love moments like that. Where you gasp (possibly pass out) & you just want to burst out of your skin!! Because in some magical way that item was placed by God - right there at that very moment JUST FOR YOU! Not to mention it some how snuck by some uninformed pricer! I wish i had more moments like that. I got a few great books too, but I'll have to show those another time.

Contortion class was awesome. No other students there, except for my little one. That is okay though. Private lessons are a-o-k by me! Plus then my little one has the full focus of the teacher. We also spoke about getting her in another class at the other school that her teacher teaches at. Once again, she won't be in a class with others - it will just be private & will be right after school. Which is totally great! They really seem to be pulling for her. The plan is to get her up to speed with the intermediate students, which according to her teacher should happen quite fast. My little contortionist has got the flexibility down & now she has to work on her strength. Once she gets a better at that, the next youngest girl (she's 9) will come in on a few classes with her so they can practice doing things together. My baby loves going to class there. She is all about how many sleeps till the next class. I remember doing that. Time is such a funny thing when you are little. Everything just seems to go so slow for you. Her next class is Tuesday. Her teacher is giving her one extra class this month. Awesome. Her teacher is the bestest.

I'm really glad we found her "gift". Who would have thought?!!!

Oh one funny thing was when the next class was showing up, I guess the girls normally watch the class before them. But my Miss. Shy Pants, doesn't really like the extra attention yet. so the teacher asked everyone to wait outside. I mean having a whole bunch of 15 year old girls watching you can be pretty intimidating. So they had to wait outside the studio till she was done her class. We had to wait out side too with them. All the girls thought she was so cute & some even told me about how shy they use to be. I do have hope that she will get over this shyness soon!

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's back to contortion class

NO not for me silly pants! For my youngest daughter. She starts tonight & has been counting the sleeps since she was last in the studio. We weren't even sure if there would be a class. There is just not enough beginners sadly. But some how it happened & there is a class for my little bendy girl. She is so excited to show how much she has improved since her last class. Last class there was no other kids, so I'm excited to see how old these other children are that will be joining her. I sure hope they are her age!

Anyway! Check out the video of the awesome "Ross Sisters". They were performing triplets from the 40's. The have it all - singing/dancing/acting AND contortion.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time = No time

Things have been hectic, as I imagine it is for every parent that has kids going back to school. The end of summer was filled with many play dates with the good friends. Attempts to squeeze in some sunshine at the beach... but once we got there, we soon realized that everyone was sporting hats, sweater & jackets! I was a trooper though. I needed some SUN! Apparently this weekend is suppose to be great! I really hope so. It's been sunny here, but I have had no time to actually take a few minutes to enjoy it. I need to get my freckles on!

Back to school shopping was done in the last minute & was INSANE. I don't recommend the last minute back to school shopping experience. For the clothes, finding a size was near impossible. For supplies, it was like Christmas shopping - just everyone was in different isles. I'm glad it's over. I'm going to do the shopping in June next year.

We've settled into our routine. We had to adjust our time to the crazy traffic that oddly enough since we last did that route in June, has doubled! I can not believe all the single passenger cars hogging up space. It makes me really mad. I wish those people would just car pool! We have to leave an extra 25 minutes earlier than we did in June. Isn't that kind of weird? In 2009, there will be train that will take us into the city - then we will take the sea bus (a small ferry) to where school is. They are pretty vague on when that will be completed, but I am looking forward to it! I loathe traffic. I loathe gas prices. Plus with all the construction around town & on the one of the 2 major bridges we have to cross, we have run over 3 nails!! Blowing tires out - is not my cup of tea.

Sewing has been spotty. I really have had my hands full & realize that the midnight sewing shifts just don't work for me anymore. I just need time during the day. Which would be near impossible. I have a plan though, so hope it will get me ahead in the sewing department. I have many people waiting for certain toys. I promise you I have not forgotten about you!!! I'm working on it. Please forgive me!!????

We had a flooding in our back room at the shop. Which was such a disaster. Still is. I'm waiting for the handyman to come & replace some tiles. Then once that is done - I gotta repaint etc... Sheesh! My work never ceases!

That is my update for now!

Oh, I got a sweet package from my mom & dad today - It was Heroes Season 2. I can't wait to watch it!!! I love Hiro!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Home sweet home

We're back home now & we hit the lantern festival that has been up for a few weeks already. I think it has a couple weeks left that it's on display for. It's at the now defunkt Fantasy Garden in Richmond, BC. It's open daily from 7:30 - 11pm. The lights go on at 8:30 however. It was tons of fun for the kids. The lanterns are in a maze a midst of gardens. There is even a couple of interactive water spraying ones!!! It was fun.

It's amazing all the work that went into some of the huge structures. They said that the lanterns were made here (Vancouver), but I could only imagine how much that would have cost! They are amazing! I totally suggest you check them out if you are local!

Lantern Festival

Sunday, August 17, 2008


We have flown away into the rainbow to visit family... we had a date with some Wapiti. Searched swampy marshes looking for a beaver. Now we be kickin' it poolside. We also have a new found love of Hero's... or should I say Hiro.

Be back soon!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I whipped these up last week. We use to have a pom-poms hanging in the security gate. They were getting sad & faded and ever so dusty. I took them down & have hung these flags in their place. It's funny how much people loved those darn pom-poms. I hope that people will love these just as much. 

It was my first time doing bunting - but I have to admit I am addicted! They are so fun to make!