Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh lovely pumpkins!

My weekend was all about pumpkins! Sewing! sewing! and more sewing!!! Yes, people I'm back! I got my mojo back. I swear to you. I'm working on hedgehogs too - Oh yes my patient friends, pizza's are next on the list!

I had forgotten I even made pumpkins, until some one requested them at the shop. She happily scooped up 3 of these guys yesterday!!! Those sweet pumpkins didn't have to wait too long to find a new home.

My voice is still hoarse from being sick last week. I almost started to get worried that it is going to be like this FOREVER! I often get laryngitis (I know I got that one wrong!) but you know what I mean! I get sick & then I loose the voice. It's happened ever since I was 14. I have mixed feeling about my new voice. I hope people who have I have spoken to, don't think this is the real me voice - Or that I am a some pre-op tranny.

Off to sew!!!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A sign from god

It's hard to tell but, the guying walking with the dogs... ahead of all these people in the alley is Brad Pattison from the t.v show, End of my Leash. I came into work today & there he be! He actually was filming with a couple just on my corner for like 1/2 hour. I didn't have the guts to take a picture then - so all I got was this spy photo once they were done. I had no idea that they did episodes in Vancouver! I'm taking it as a sign & am applying for help with my dog Totoro. He suffers from numerous issues. Not sure if I created this monster, but hoping for some help from Brad. I honestly am not too sure if Totoro is even curable. His biggest issue is seperation anxiety. The yowls/howls & whining that come out of this dog are so loud & hard to take if you are even within a 1/2 block radius of him when he gets in this mode. He truly is un-consolable, he thinks the world is going to end. It is kind of embarrassing too. We can't really take him anywhere if he will be left for a minute alone. Actually even if one of us stays with him, he will act all crazy end-of-the-world 'ish. Poor dog.

I'm sending out a plea to Brad & hope that he can help us with Totoro!

Fingers crossed!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thrifting gods

Oh the thrifting gods were on my side yesterday!! Scored this super duper cute little lamp for the girls room. I had one very similar when I was growing up. Not half as great as this one though. Mine just had the typical blue pretty flowers. BUT this one is so sweet! With her little deer friend & her basket full of mushrooms! Love it.

Then I almost passed out when I found this quilt with my mostest favoritest characters EVER on it! D-I-E-D! I almost died right there in the linen aisle. I'm pretty sure I passed out & my kids found me laying on the floor grasping so tightly on to this quilt - that is the cutest little quilt EVER. I got it for a whopping $3.99! I love moments like that. Where you gasp (possibly pass out) & you just want to burst out of your skin!! Because in some magical way that item was placed by God - right there at that very moment JUST FOR YOU! Not to mention it some how snuck by some uninformed pricer! I wish i had more moments like that. I got a few great books too, but I'll have to show those another time.

Contortion class was awesome. No other students there, except for my little one. That is okay though. Private lessons are a-o-k by me! Plus then my little one has the full focus of the teacher. We also spoke about getting her in another class at the other school that her teacher teaches at. Once again, she won't be in a class with others - it will just be private & will be right after school. Which is totally great! They really seem to be pulling for her. The plan is to get her up to speed with the intermediate students, which according to her teacher should happen quite fast. My little contortionist has got the flexibility down & now she has to work on her strength. Once she gets a better at that, the next youngest girl (she's 9) will come in on a few classes with her so they can practice doing things together. My baby loves going to class there. She is all about how many sleeps till the next class. I remember doing that. Time is such a funny thing when you are little. Everything just seems to go so slow for you. Her next class is Tuesday. Her teacher is giving her one extra class this month. Awesome. Her teacher is the bestest.

I'm really glad we found her "gift". Who would have thought?!!!

Oh one funny thing was when the next class was showing up, I guess the girls normally watch the class before them. But my Miss. Shy Pants, doesn't really like the extra attention yet. so the teacher asked everyone to wait outside. I mean having a whole bunch of 15 year old girls watching you can be pretty intimidating. So they had to wait outside the studio till she was done her class. We had to wait out side too with them. All the girls thought she was so cute & some even told me about how shy they use to be. I do have hope that she will get over this shyness soon!

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's back to contortion class

NO not for me silly pants! For my youngest daughter. She starts tonight & has been counting the sleeps since she was last in the studio. We weren't even sure if there would be a class. There is just not enough beginners sadly. But some how it happened & there is a class for my little bendy girl. She is so excited to show how much she has improved since her last class. Last class there was no other kids, so I'm excited to see how old these other children are that will be joining her. I sure hope they are her age!

Anyway! Check out the video of the awesome "Ross Sisters". They were performing triplets from the 40's. The have it all - singing/dancing/acting AND contortion.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Time = No time

Things have been hectic, as I imagine it is for every parent that has kids going back to school. The end of summer was filled with many play dates with the good friends. Attempts to squeeze in some sunshine at the beach... but once we got there, we soon realized that everyone was sporting hats, sweater & jackets! I was a trooper though. I needed some SUN! Apparently this weekend is suppose to be great! I really hope so. It's been sunny here, but I have had no time to actually take a few minutes to enjoy it. I need to get my freckles on!

Back to school shopping was done in the last minute & was INSANE. I don't recommend the last minute back to school shopping experience. For the clothes, finding a size was near impossible. For supplies, it was like Christmas shopping - just everyone was in different isles. I'm glad it's over. I'm going to do the shopping in June next year.

We've settled into our routine. We had to adjust our time to the crazy traffic that oddly enough since we last did that route in June, has doubled! I can not believe all the single passenger cars hogging up space. It makes me really mad. I wish those people would just car pool! We have to leave an extra 25 minutes earlier than we did in June. Isn't that kind of weird? In 2009, there will be train that will take us into the city - then we will take the sea bus (a small ferry) to where school is. They are pretty vague on when that will be completed, but I am looking forward to it! I loathe traffic. I loathe gas prices. Plus with all the construction around town & on the one of the 2 major bridges we have to cross, we have run over 3 nails!! Blowing tires out - is not my cup of tea.

Sewing has been spotty. I really have had my hands full & realize that the midnight sewing shifts just don't work for me anymore. I just need time during the day. Which would be near impossible. I have a plan though, so hope it will get me ahead in the sewing department. I have many people waiting for certain toys. I promise you I have not forgotten about you!!! I'm working on it. Please forgive me!!????

We had a flooding in our back room at the shop. Which was such a disaster. Still is. I'm waiting for the handyman to come & replace some tiles. Then once that is done - I gotta repaint etc... Sheesh! My work never ceases!

That is my update for now!

Oh, I got a sweet package from my mom & dad today - It was Heroes Season 2. I can't wait to watch it!!! I love Hiro!!