Monday, March 31, 2008

Giant sad storm cloud & fluffy rain droppers!

I whipped up this giant storm cloud today! I was happy I actually got this up today in time for the 1st of April. Because this is my tribute to "April Showers".

I had been working on the rain drops for a couple of days now & they were dying to be hung from a GIANT cloud. So I kicked my butt in high gear & did one up. I'm pretty happy with him. I hoping that Luke the cat doesn't get any idea's about batting those giant fluffy rain drops around tonight. EGAD! I would be so mad if this is laying on the floor when I come in tomorrow.

Let's hope for the best!

Looking forward

One thing is for sure we are all looking forward to getting away from all this construction. We have been living next to the racket since August. Early morning banging, drilling & loud music.

There is no such thing as a day off for these guys either! Every single darn day!

Good bye, construction noise! Hello seagulls & air planes! (We are right next to the airport! EGAD!)

I'll let you know which is worse, airplanes coming in for landing or constant construction. I'm hoping the latter.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sorry to be M.I.A

This way to our new house, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

Things have been crazy in the last 2 weeks. I've had no time to update. Since my current landlord turned my world upside down a couple of weeks ago, by selling the property & telling us to find a new place pronto!

We did indeed get the floating home! It was so draining waiting to find out if we got it or not. Then we got it & now I've just been absorbing how much I actually have to do now. It was kind of weird how I came to getting this floating home. In the late hours of the night I was searching craigslist & anything advertising rental homes. Then some how stumbled on real estate & THIS floating home! It was cute & charming. I sent an email request & was very surprised to hear back! As I was just asking about the possibility to rent-to-own, or a similar type of arrangement, as I don't really have a down payment at this point in my life. The owner was totally open to it! We met & totally hit it off! It's actually funny the times that we met over the course of 3 days, he gave me so much insightful advice. Everything from management issues at work, Chinese proverbs to base a way of life, even showing me some Ike-jujitsu(sp?) moves! Who ever hears this sentence come out of their landlords mouth?!
"Go ahead and try and punch me in the face!"

It was too funny! And I learned some ways to avoid getting punched in the face. Maybe he was preparing me for like on the docks! (Kidding!!!)

It's not completely out of the blue wanting to be living on a float home. I looked into it a year ago, after visiting my good friends in Everett, WA. They moved their whole family unit to a boat! The cutest boat I must add (The Mighty Sea Urchin!) They had lived in a 3 level town home & managed to downsize their whole world to size of a boat. ( I actually got a great table outta the deal!)

Now, it's my turn to downsize my world to the size of a 800sq. ft floating home. I get dizzy just thinking about it. I went to the place on Friday to meet the Marina manager & to pay my monthly moorage fee. It was the first time for my kids to see the world of living in a marina. They had been counting the sleeps until they could see it. Their room, is just big enough for their bunk beds. 85% smaller then the size of room they have now. I have always given them the larger rooms in any house we have lived in, because I thought they needed all that space. We are going to have to get rid of so much stuff! They have no idea! They are actually really excited to move & now they ask every morning if we can move there now. I think it may have something to do with the 42 inch plasma t.v that comes with the house!

The floating home comes furnished, at first I was NOT into it. But, now I am kind of excited to part with all my stuff. We'll just see how I feel when people are walking down the driveway with my bookshelves, kitchen table & couches! It's for the better though.

I have much work to be done at both homes. I have to paint & varnish things at the floating home before we move in & then down size our whole world here. I have no idea where to begin. I figure the garage would be best to start in. I also have to pack up the previous floating home owners things that he left behind.

I don't want to think about it. I lay awake in bed, trying to figure out how I will have time to do any of it!

I better hit the sack! Today was the last day of spring break for my girls & now it's back to the early mornings! No more sleepin' in for this cat!

You can see more photos of the floating home on flickr! Just click on the photo above & it will take you to more flickz.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh sunny sunshine!

It was so nice the other day when we finally has some sunshine in vanccity!!!! It feels like forever ago, that I saw & felt the sunshine. It gives me hope that summer is coming - forget spring! Let's get straight to the hot lovely summer heat.

My world has kind of been crazy lately. I found out that the owner of my house, has sold it & we have to be out soooooooo soon. Which I am fine with now. I was a little scared a couple of days after he told me. I loathe moving! The not knowing of where you will liv. But, I am looking forward to the change. Our home is so dark, especially in the winter & it felt some what like a cave. So now I know after living in my cave, that I infact love having light shine through my windows. What was I thinking?!

So now I have options, which is kind of fun. I actually have my heart set on this floating home. Yes, you read right! I went to go see it today. I love it! It's killing me knot knowing if we got it. I will find out tomorrow if we did. I can't wait!

Oh not knowing!!!! I just gotta block it out!
Pray for me! I want it so badly! I have now become obssesed with floating homes. Browsing through flickr page after page, of cute little floating homes!
I want to be one of them.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You believe?

I came across this today before I sent my girls off to school. I let them watch it, as they are gnome experts. They have books & books on the topic of gnomes. After viewing the video, they left this morning thinking that there are definitely gnomes in Argentina.

The story goes... These guys were talking about fishing at 1am & they heard some noises... like someone was throwing rocks. Then they turned around & noticed the grass moving. They thought it was a dog, but then the gnome emerges!!!! Scream ensue & one of the guys actually went to the doctors he was so traumatized.

You believe?

Am I done yet?

It's seems to be taking me forever to get these bunnies done. I just haven't been myself the last couple of weeks. I need a break. I think that is what really need to be done.

If I had just one day off....
  • I would sleep in... till 2pm... like I use to back in '95 (has it been that long?!!)
  • I would go buy some new plants to pot. (I love dirt)
  • I would hook myself up with a shamrock shake, while I still can.
  • Go magazine shopping at Sophia's (actually scratch that. I would stay right away from downtown) I'll hit the newstand on Lonsdale.
  • I'd bake some cupcakes for my girls.
  • I would have a nap.
  • I would watch a movie & eat my favorite pizza.
  • Then go to bed by 8pm.
This could never happen. But, it's nice to dream.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm doin' Monday all over again, tomorrow.

What a way to start the week. First with the horrid time change & "springin' foward". Yes, that officially started yesterday, which was fine. But, you don't realize how much it sucks until you gotta wake up EARLY! I managed to pull myself outta a wonderful dream, to get the girls up for school. I was dreaming about being at some dessert cafe in Japan. I was trying to decide on which slice of cake I was going to have... then BAM! Inner clock woke me up!!!

Everyone woke up to a slow start. I told those kids last night - that they were going to be sleepy in the morning if they didn't fall asleep early. Sure enough, they were hurtin' this morning. As was I.

I got the kids sorted, fed, dressed & I made lunches. I made a cheese sandwich for my little Miss. Picky. At the same time making my own lunch for work.... I didn't notice until now, when I went to get my lunch. It wasn't in my bag. In it's place was the left over cheese that was suppose to be put back into the fridge. I assume my lunch is in the cheese bin... in the fridge at this very moment. Why?! Why???!!!!!!

Then on my way out this morning it was pouring rain & I was putting my rain boots on.... I go to take my first right step and push a piece of glass right into my heel (inside the boot). WHY??? There was a piece of glass in my sock? Or the boot? I don't know, but thankfully I was able to pull the huge piece of glass out.

Then as I leave the house, I realize everyone has umbrella's, but me. I left mine as work.
Hello, frizzy hair day!

I am not letting my week start out like this. I demand a re-do for Monday!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The animal in you...

Bucky-dun-dun, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

Apparently my inner animal is a beaver. I kind of see it....

What is your inner animal?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Snuck & chuck

I had wanted so badly to see this movie in the theatre when it was out! I rented it last night, but didn't have time to watch it. Today, was a little quiet at work so I snuck a little of this movie into my day. (Snuck... is that a word? It looks funny to me - what a great word! Snuck! Snuck! Snuck!)

Anyway, one of my favorite parts was when the brothers were all on the motor bike! Loved it! With no helmets - how great would that feel?!!! Also loved when they chucked all their awesome luggage to catch the train.

I love all three of them. They are the best part of my day so far....

Monday, March 3, 2008

Livin' vicariously

My friend was caught by the Sartorialist (peeped her on, at fashion week in Paris!!!! I'm sooooo living vicariously through her. She just moved there for school, but will return to Vancouver in the summer. I'm sure she won't stay in Vancouver for long. I would love to be tele-ported to Paris to hang out with her... even for just a weekend. I'm working on a secret project with her. But, sadly I am a little occupied with some dumb bunnies & can't focus on getting my ass in gear to focus on our project together. More to come on that!!!

I so need to get out of this city. Even if I could just go to Everett, WA to visit some dear sweet friends! I just need a break from this world.

Everett, WA? or Paris, FR???

Looks like Everett is a little more realistic.

(Clear some space on the boat Roberts family!!!)