Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!!

My oldest daughter comes back from camping this afternoon. I can't wait to see her. It's been soooo long since I have seen her! Well since Monday morning!!!

I've kind of had to pull her costume together with out her this week. She wanted to be Chuck, from Pushing Up Daisies but wasn't sure if people would get it. She found this great dress that she loves - so she is just going to a "dead girl". My other daughter is going to be a devil. Which is kind of fitting for her.

It's suppose to be rainy & windy tonight. Which is a little bit of a drag! We normally host a little Halloween party with the bestest friends & then head out to go trick o' treatin' together but, since we live so far from the school now... it will just be the two of them. Which is kind of sad, but I'm sure they will have fun just the same.

Have a great Halloween everyone!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This lady needs her OWN show

This has brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. It got funnier the more times I watched it. Someone get this lady & her dog Happy, their own show. It's terrible... but so hilarious. Forgive me.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Leaving the nest

My oldest daughter has left the nest for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!

I was/am totally freaking out. I have never been apart from her really. She is camping this week with her classmates doing outdoor school. I know she will have blast! They get to do so many wonderful things while there.

I wish I could sneak up there & check in on her. I was thinking about when she was a just starting Kindergarten & her dad and I went at her recess time to spy on her. But, then she spotted us & we stopped peeking/spying on her.

Today when I was dropping her off at school, she kept on trying to ditch me. She was all "You aren't coming all the way are you? Let's just say good-bye here." I knew what she was hinting at. She is totally embarrassed by me! Why!!! ?? WHY??!!! I'm a cool mom, non? Anyway, I gave her big bear hug squeeze & a kiss right there on the spot. She was not impressed. I walked up to her friends and was chit chatting them & my daughter(s) totally disappeared on me. I turned around & they were both gone. It's like I have the plague or something. It was not how I pictured her first send off. I wanted to take pictures of her with friends AND getting on the bus AND her waving from the bus.... but that didn't happen.

She bailed on me. I thought about waiting around & seeing her off. As I drove by her and her crew....I drove slow hoping to make eye contact with my baby... she never even looked my way. I couldn't honk and wave... I had to just go. She would have died if I honked. I so wanted to.

Things have come full circle. I totally remember feeling like that.

It's so sad. What a bummer.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Has it been that long?!

I can not believe so much time has gone by! I'm sorry for taking so long to update. Things have been crazy in my world. Also lack of internet puts a damper on updates. We have no internet at home anymore. Sadly the fellow that we shared internet with moved two docks over & we can't pick up his signal anymore. We tried to get Telus internet, but discovered that when the modem arrived we didn't actually have a phone jack in our home! When they say "wireless" - it's not as wireless as you think. Then we tried to arrange for the phone technician to come and install a phone line, only to find out that apparently we have phone & internet already!!! But not really us... It's a case of stolen identity. I.D fraud to be exact! We had no idea. Now we have to figure out what else this bad guy has done with the I.D. Terrible. I.D fraud is so insane. I can not believe that so many people out there get away with it! Then the victim has to clean up the mess. Such a hassle. I don't even want to think about it right now.

Speaking of bad guys. I didn't want to say anything about it, but I really have to, because it is driving me crazy. There had been/is a man that is/was robbing shops in our area. Mainly targeting girls working alone. He was armed & demanding all the cash out tills. Not doing any other damage or taking anything else. Well this fellow managed to hit 12 shops in less that two weeks. All in our area. Even went as far as to hit a business on our block TWICE!!! Can you believe that? Twice!?? The poor girl working. It was the same girl both times!!! I would need counseling after that. He was unsuccessful the second time, because she screamed. I'm so surprised that she could. You know those nightmares you have & you try to scream, but nothing comes out - I actually heard the scream & then saw the guy running past. I have become to know, that if you see someone running fast in this area --- It's not a good thing. The police arrived pretty quick. As they were working on the details of the case, they got a call not 5 minutes in about ANOTHER armed robbery call to a shop just 1 block down!!! Bad guy got away again!!! WTF??!!!

How on earth does a man rob during daylight 12 times & get away (on foot!)????!!! No do-gooders/heroes helping?... I can not believe this. The next day, we get visits from the police and details about the man. Basically they are pretty sure they know who he is & they just brief us on what will go on. That there are under cover police all around watching and waiting for him to hit, so they can take him down. So we are sitting ducks. That day, I noticed more police in the area on foot. There was no taking him down that day. Heard nothing for 2 days after that. Just kind of lived in fear that he could come in to our shops at any point. Some merchants went as far as locking their doors & having customers knock to get in. Some still do it, once night fall hits. I think this is just crazy. In all my time working retail, this is a first. I have to say that 4 years ago when we moved into this area & there was not as many businesses filling the streets... this was not going on. I can not believe I felt safer back then. It is suppose to be better here. The area must/is getting worse. How could it be? There is more homeless, more blatant drug deals in the midst of what is suppose to be "Modern Urban Shopping Haven". Oh please! This can get me on a whole other topic of how do they expect to deal/clean up this area for 2010???

Anyway...., a couple days go by & nothing happens. We come in one morning & there is a big operation going down. The guy had hit 2 other places again the day/night before & they are determined to get him. This actually got press. I'm guessing only because he robbed in a "cleaner area" of town. He robs upteen times in our area & it didn't SCREAM to the police that something needed to be done until he had hit 8 times!!! 8 times. This is just crazy. Well within minutes of getting to the shop, they take a guy down that was leaving the rooming house that is above the shoppe. Police dog arrives, all sorts of police. Then 2 minutes later, they take ANOTHER guy down! Oh the drama!!! Both guys were later released, but I swear this was just a act put on by Vancouver's finest. To make it appear that they were "doing something". Because after that chaos. I didn't see any police, it was so quiet out there. Since then, we've all beefed up our own security & lightened our floats, because you just don't know if you'll be next.

Last I heard Friday was that the police had someone in custody & that they were 99 % sure it was the guy. Hasn't been confirmed yet. I really hope they did catch him.


This morning as I was making breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window only to discover that the main dock (We live on a floating home remember) Is totally cranked! As in jacked up side ways. So then of course the girls think that there is no school today because we are stuck in our house with no way out. But, I tell them to keep up the pace & I go out to check it out. There is a couple of guys already working on it. I'm glad the marina is full of early risers. Yesterday night was really windy & some logs floated in & one got turned up right under the dock & when the tide went out, it got stuck & decided to rip up the main dock. This happens, I'm told.

I was actually scared that our house caused it. Apparently our house rocked so much last year during storms that it was wearing on the dock. But, they have moved us to ensure that it doesn't happen this season. I still love marina life. I couldn't imagine going back to live on land. This is our first winter at the marina & I'm sure more exciting things will happen. Last night the house was so rocky, it basically rocked me to sleep. I slept like a baby. I do admit that I had moments of fear that the house would tip over, as I drifted off to dream-land. But, I've been assured that our house is not going to tip... so I just have to believe the ol' timers.

I've got a million things to do today!!!
Have a good day y'all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The weekend

I am so sad that weekends will no longer be spent with visits, basking in the sun at the beach.
I need sunshine! It's been so dark & gloomy here the last couple of days. And it is expected to be the same all weekend here.

My weekend will be spent sewing again. OH! my youngest wanted to catch the Beverley Hills Chihuahua movie. I actually promised her if both girls were nice to each other all week, then it was a done deal. I'll take them tomorrow. I hate to say it, but it looks pretty funny.

YAY for weekends!!! Have a good one!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My sunshine Luke

Getting in the last few moments of warm sunshine!

Happy October 1st!!!!!