Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweetest spot in Victoria, BC : Daidoco

I'm feeling much better today. I was so so so sad yesterday. It comes in waves the thoughts of, dear sweet Margaret. I find if I keep busy, I'm more in control emotions... 

On to happier things for the moment, so I don't start sobbing.

On our quick visit we finally got to go to the cutest Japanese deli. Daidoco.
My friend Sarah had told me about this place when it first open. I couldn't get it out of my mind because she had mentioned the cute illustrated drawing on "how to  order" (it's above the counter in the top photo). Where the counter help is in a bear or monkey suit! So cute!!! It is in Nootka court, right next to the Victoria Bug Zoo. Just off Douglas Street. I wish I had the exact address for you, because YOU have to go there if you are in the neighbourhood!!! I'll add the address later... I left the card at home silly me. Anyway, the interior reminded me very much of being in Japan. It seriously must have been teleported mysteriously from somewhere in Japan to Victoria. The staff were all so nice & the food is amazing and soooooo very affordable. I really wish they had one in Vancouver. I highly recommend this place if you are heading to Victoria or if you live there it's a MUST. They are only open Monday-Friday sadly. We had tried to go once before but it was the weekend. I'm glad we made it this time. My kids even said it was better than anything they have had in Vancouver! And they are picky picky!

Thanks for telling us about it Sarah! I'm so glad I got our 4 minute visit too!!! That was just great timing. I wish we could have spoke for longer! Darn it! Next time I guess.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yesterday & today are so hard.

We took a quick trip to the island to see a good friend who is very ill. It was basically to say "Goodbye". 

I'm not good at goodbyes. Let alone a permanent one. I don't want her to go away. It's such  a selfish feeling. I know that she is in pain, so much pain. I tried to pull it together before the visit, preparing myself. But, the tears just came rolling and they haven't stopped. I really wish that horrible things didn't happen to such good people. She is the sweetest woman & spent most of her life helping others. She is lucky enough to be in her home right now, with her sweet cat O'Malley by her side. Her lovely sister is taking care of her needs 24 hours a day. Her sister is so sweet. These woman are so strong. I wish I could show half the strength that they have.

My friend has spent almost 30 years in that house, raised two boys - to men in that home. All the memories in that house. It was so hard to be there. I wish I lived closer, because I would be there everyday with her.

I didn't want to leave, I didn't really say goodbye.

I want to go back, even though it is so hard to be there.

I'm a big ball of an emotional mess right now.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week has gone by so fast!

This week was spent mostly in the van. My youngest went to her contortion summer camp classes, which are pretty far from where we live. Getting there was no problem, no traffic.... but coming back just so happen to be the "going home hour". We were smart the first day of having to drive back into town & instead of sitting in traffic we headed to the beach in White Rock. The water was so warm & so nice! We hadn't brought swimsuits... So the ride back home was done in wet clothes. It was okay because the beach and warm water were totally worth it. We also stocked up on berries at a local farm while we were in the neighbourhood of all the Berry Farmers. The weather all this week has been awesome, until today it started sprinkling rain. I guess you can't expect prefect weather all the time! But, we deserve it. Summer started so late here.

The contortion classes for my youngest went GREAT! She loved/es it! It was her first time in classes of any sort and she totally lucked out. No one else was actually in her class besides her. So it was private lessons for the price of a group! YAY! She also had the complete attention of the teacher, so they were able to  go over way more things together. When the teacher on the first day said that they would get to play on the "Aerial Silks". I was thinking there, is no way she will go on those. Sure enough after day one, she was like " I was hanging upside down in the silks & spinning! Usually after each class, I would ask her what the best part of the day was, and overall the aerial silks rank pretty high on her list of all the great things she did there. She loves the aerial silks! I would have never thought. She is on such a roll! It's actually exhausting for me. She is always practicing stretches now & last night was her going for the perfect kart-wheel. I swear she must of done 30 of them before bed. I was like... "Okay, 2 more then it's bed time"... after those 2... "Okay. 2 more then it's bedtime!". She was just determined to perfect it. She actually starting rating them & keeping track on a piece of paper!!! EGAD! Finally, I think her arms were just too sleepy to carry on and we headed to bed. I was just so beat watching her.

We planted some flowers in some containers yesterday too! It was nice to finally be able to add to what we have. I basically just let the girls pick what they want out. So we have so many different colours going on in our planters. It looks great really! We get so much direct sun, we have to stay on top of watering - I hope we can keep up, without killing any.

I've started sewing again too! YAY! Just a small project... I'll have to take pictures in the next couple of days. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just busy

Sorry for the lack of updates!

Just been busy with real life. There was a fire in downtown here at the start of the week & it effected the power in our area where work is. We were with out phone or internet for a few days. But, thankfully had power. And since we don't have a computer at home it left us out of touch with the computer world. I'm really glad we don't have a computer at home though. I don't know how I got anything done before.

On Monday we drove out to Langley to see my friend Mike & meet his new baby frenchie , Steady. Steady is 6 months. He is so sweet & snorts like a pig & has ears the size of a bunny! Mike told us that when little kids get in awe of Steady & his piggie noises and his giant ears, he tells them that, Steady is part bunny pig. Too cute! I love Steady. That is Steady in the pictures above with his dad & then picture of the sunset coming back from Langley that night. I love summer time.

We were watching some wonderful reality television a couple of weeks ago - I think it was America's Got Talent. Well there was this little girl who was 11 and was trying out for the show. She was a contortionist! EGAD! As we watched her, it totally came to me that that was the word I was looking for. Contortion. My youngest is always  putting her legs behind her & doing all these crazy stretches just for fun. The day after the show aired, I googled "contortion" & found this clip on youtube about a school that is here on the lower mainland that specializes in contortion & acrobatic stuff. Guess who's going????!!! She starts next Monday! She has been counting the sleeps & is so excited about this. I'm excited for her too, because this is her first real thing that she has officially joined. She's never done dance classes or gymnastics or anything. She is super shy & has always kind of not been interested in doing things with other kids if she doesn't know them. When the focus gets on her, she kind of shuts down. But, there is something different about this. She truly in into this stretching thing, so let's hope she just has fun with it & enjoys what she's being taught and doesn't worry about anything! I'll keep you posted on it.

Summer seems to be going by so quickly. Sadly I have not had too many days to enjoy it, but treasure each minute I have when I do get out in the sun. I love that sunshine. I wish it was like this year round! We usually go out for our bike ride when I get home every evening. The girls have been staying up pretty late so far this summer, just so they can spend time with me. After the bike ride we usually read books & then watch the late movie on at 11pm! I know!! We can barely keep our eyes open at that point but, we've been catching up on the old Batman Movies. I loved the Catwoman one with Michelle Phieffer. I loved her apartment. I truthfully never watched those movies before. I loved, loved her bedroom. I tried looking for images of it, but couldn't find any :( . We never actually successfully finish watching the movies, but we try our hardest! I'm going to have to rent the Catwoman one, just so I can see how it ends. I hate just watching half of movies. Also so I can take in her whole place.

No sewing to mention, but have a few things that need to be attended to!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, July 7, 2008

The float home

I'm sorry I haven't spoke much about the float home. I kind of feel like if I did, I would be such a fraud. I don't spend much time there, sadly. I wish I could do more there as I had/have big plans, but there just isn't enough hours in the day. I finally just a couple of weekends ago did some container gardening with my little helpers. It was so nice to get our hands in the dirt. We had bought a few too many plants that weekend & had to buy some more soil to finish up the leftover homeless plants. We  got to those yesterday.  They are all happily planted now on our upper deck & couple on the lower. It makes me jealous to see some of the wonderful homes with many many containers in front & all over their home at the marina. I aspire to have many like them someday! I'm just going to build on it slowly. 

They (The Marina) moved our home one space back a couple of weeks ago too! I found out 3 days before they were to move us. I was a little scared/mad. Just not knowing what it would be like. It was painless though. I went to work & when I came home we were moved & everything was just fine. We now have a big empty space beside us where we once were. I'm guessing a new home will move in there at some point. The move was due to our house being a little rocky during really windy times. Apparently it was taking a toll on the dock from those wind storms. So to give everyone piece of mind they moved us. It's been good so far.

We've been going on our nightly bike rides as soon as I get in from work. It's a nice way to round up the day. 

I post more pics of the house sooooon!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crazy arms!

For some reason blogger wouldn't let me add this to the last post.

But here is my oldest doing her crazy twisty arms!

Late night tricks

It's official! We are going to fine tune our act & join the circus!! 

I'm kidding!
 I came home last night to the girls showing me their "odd" tricks.

My youngest is ALWAYS doing the splitz - nothing new there. I was the same way when I was younger. But, this new handcuff trick! I think people who do this trick dis-locate the shoulder to do it. EGAD! It gives me the chills just to think about it. But, we all tried to do it & it isn't an easy thing to do!

The video above is my oldest attempting the handcuff trick! 

You know... maybe we will run away & join the circus!!!!

I know I could live off cotton candy & mini donuts for the rest of my life. YUMMY!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Canada Day EH!!!

Hope you all have/had a great Canada Day!

I'm hoping that we'll catch some fireworks from North Vancouver tonight!!

Have fun & be safe everyone!!

Something about Vancouver people+Fireworks= Stabbings.

So watchya back yo!
(Like Totoro in the picture!)