Friday, September 26, 2008

A sign from god

It's hard to tell but, the guying walking with the dogs... ahead of all these people in the alley is Brad Pattison from the t.v show, End of my Leash. I came into work today & there he be! He actually was filming with a couple just on my corner for like 1/2 hour. I didn't have the guts to take a picture then - so all I got was this spy photo once they were done. I had no idea that they did episodes in Vancouver! I'm taking it as a sign & am applying for help with my dog Totoro. He suffers from numerous issues. Not sure if I created this monster, but hoping for some help from Brad. I honestly am not too sure if Totoro is even curable. His biggest issue is seperation anxiety. The yowls/howls & whining that come out of this dog are so loud & hard to take if you are even within a 1/2 block radius of him when he gets in this mode. He truly is un-consolable, he thinks the world is going to end. It is kind of embarrassing too. We can't really take him anywhere if he will be left for a minute alone. Actually even if one of us stays with him, he will act all crazy end-of-the-world 'ish. Poor dog.

I'm sending out a plea to Brad & hope that he can help us with Totoro!

Fingers crossed!

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