Saturday, January 31, 2009

First week of lessons

Well, week one has passed of her first two lessons. First lesson, left me a little bewildered. The instructor asked that I stick around to follow the steps on grooming & tacking the horse up. It was a quick 30 minute lesson. I sadly have no experience with horsies, so I left retaining maybe only 20% of what she showed us. The 2nd lesson required us to arrive 30 minutes before the actual lesson and have the horse tacked and ready to go. I felt the pressure. There was no way after the first lesson would we be able tack that horse up. Not if I was running team. I went first thing the next morning after the lesson & picked up as many books as I could to explain all about horsies for my daughter & myself. Also watched many many videos on youtube! (thank you youtube!) I think it helped, she ended up doing a pretty great job getting her horse Mikey up & ready with a little help from her dad :)

She had her first ride on Mikey & now she loves it. She had been on a pony before, when she was much, much, younger. She is so excited to be on this path of horsie love. I am so relieved she found something to do. Her own thing.

Mikey is the best school horse. He is so patient with her. Mikey is around 20 years old. On the first lesson, he actually fell asleep while she was grooming him. He is a little bit of a senior citizen/narcoleptic.

Gotta love Mikey for being such a kind patient horsie man.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Tonight is her first lesson

She is so excited for tonight! It's her first lesson... she picked up her little paddock boots & some half chaps AND breeches!!! I can not believe she is wearing tight pants. I never thought I would see the day she would get outta sweat pants! She loves them.

She won't actually do any riding this lesson, it's all about getting acquainted with the horsie & the gear. Friday will be the first lesson on her horse.

Exciting times for my little lady! Doesn't she look so cute in her new gear??

Off to the Academy for her lessons!! YAY!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sheesh! EGAD the men in this video!

I can totally picture the meeting the men had to came up with the concept for this video.
High-5's all around, I'm sure.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Misplaced but now found

I had misplaced my love for Ewan Mcgregor. I forgot how much I loved him until I saw Lainey's blog today, about Ewan at Sundance.

Friday, January 16, 2009

She is going to do something!!!

My oldest daughter has FINALLY decided to enroll in something! I am so excited. My mom actually mentioned riding lessons yesterday, when we were talking yet again about getting her into something. I first off was hesitant, because I think what if she got thrown from a horse? My poor baby!!! Terrible! But, the more I thought of it, and after I looked up some riding schools. I knew it would be perfect for her. You totally go ahead of your class time & prepare and care for your horse. She loves loves loves animals & I know she has a special spot for horses. This couldn't be more perfect for her.

I told my daughter about it after school yesterday & she totally lite up. She actually said yes to going. She never says yes! I have tried for so many years to get her do something. Only to be turned down time and time again. She is so excited about something finally!!! I feel so good about this. She was so thrilled about the suggestion. I can't wait for her to start & to get her the cute Paddock boots and riding pants!!! She has taken to wearing only sweat pants & uggs (AKA lazy gear). She was talking about the riding pants last night - asking if she could pass on those pants (she hates anything tight fitting) and if she could just wear her sweats. Ummm.. later to the sweat pants! Hello breeches!

I spoke more about it with my moms assistant this morning. She has just gotten back into riding & she loves it. She had started when she was around the same age as my daughter. I asked her about the falling off the horse. She says it happens. That's just the way it goes - but you just have to get back on. But, she also mentioned that the "school horses" are so chill. Totally tame and use to anything that kids deal out to them, she said the horses are very patient. how cute is that!!?? I love it.

I looked into a couple of riding school closer to where we live, so hopefully we will figure out something soon!



I noticed many people coming here to check on how to spell lavendar.
I honestly think Canadians spell it with an "ar" at the end & Americans spell it "er" at the end.

It's so funny! You are correct either way!!!

I did find this great link to some do some lavendar projects.

I totally want to do those lavendar wands. They are amazing! I have never seen anything like them before. Wonderful, aren't they?

Tara & Bella

This is so sweet.
I love Tara & Bella.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My little contortionist update

She has started to let me take pictures now! Although she has to "ok" each one after it is taken. I'm okay with that! It's great that she is finally letting me document her progress. We even got to record some video the other night of her stretching routine at home. She is making huge progress & her teacher once again has asked that she join the older group & stay later on her Thursday class. But the little bugger doesn't want to be with the older class at all. She just wants to be with the her teacher doing one on one time. Also, she lets all the other girls watch her train now. It seems that there is always girls that come early to warm-up while they wait for their class to begin. It's so cute, one time I was walking up to the door to pick her up from class & I heard clapping coming from the studio. I just waited a bit to go in & when I went in she was pretty close to wrapping up the her session. It turns out the older girls were clapping, because my little contortionist pulled off a new trick! She was shy about it, but I know she loved it. She said they clapped twice for her that night. I'm so glad she is coming out of her shell. When we hang out with people, she will do a move to kind of share her talent with them. But, she does it in a down low kind of way. We will be talking & then I'll look over her way and she'll be in the splits and kind of give me a nod, as so that I mention to people to look her way. Or she will do that crazy shoulder trick, where she holds her hands together & lifts her arms over her head and brings it back forward.

When school started up last week they were to write about their own New Years Resolutions. Ideya wrote "To do more contortion". When her teacher came around to check the spelling, her teacher added an "s" to the end of contortion on her resolution. Ideya was not pleased about this. Ideya told me, "There is no "s" at the end of contortion!". So when the teacher left, she erased the "s". I asked Ideya how she even knew how to spell contortion (grade 2) . She said she copied her jacket.

Ohhhhhh the jacket. We tried so hard to get this jacket before Christmas to put it under the tree. Her teacher had it & was going to get her name embroidered on the sleeve for her. But, ended up it didn't happen. So I figured we could just do that part, but if we could get just the jacket Ideya would be happy with that. With all the crazy weather just before Christmas we couldn't get the jacket. We were a little sad about that, but we finally ended up getting her the jacket on the 5th. Now this jacket has become and everyday staple for her. We are on Day 10. I try so hard to get her to wear another hoodie or sweater & she refuses. Loves the jacket. I had to ask her teacher if we could hook up a shirt, because Ideya loves to represent obviously. But, wearing the jacket everyday is a little much. EVERYDAY. Forget the shirt, we are going to need another jacket! I wonder if she will hold some kind of record? I can't imagine that she will the jacket everyday for a month???? We'll see.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Happy New Year! I know it's been forever!! I had attempted a couple of times to sit down & blog about my world, but so much has happened. How could I possibly catch up with all my posts. Then it got to a point, that it was almost hard to come back here to write.

Christmas was great for all of us. Santa was so kind. It was all about functional gifts, nothing better that being able to actually use what you are given. I only had the one day off, but thanks to the storm I probably just could have stayed home & enjoyed more time with my family then sitting around by myself at work... well I had Luke to keep me company. The weather really sucked ass.

New Years eve was exhausting. I tried soooo hard to stay up & celebrate. The girls this year were determined to stay up. But, we ended up retiring to the bedroom at 11:40 & laid in bed waiting for midnight to strike. We heard fireworks & happy partying people in the marina. Then it was lights out. I was so beat.

New Years day we headed south for the border to go a see our favorite peoples EVER! We spent a night & day visiting. It was too short. I hate short visits. But that is all I am capable of fitting in. Someday, I will get a real holiday with friends & family. I wanted to stay at a cheap-o-motel. It was just for sleeping right?!!! We chose the motel 6 yo! Where they will leave the light on for you! But now i know why they leave the light on...

They gave us some nasty ass smokers room - who smokes in motel rooms still??!!! Well someone does 'cause there was lovely burn holes in the polyester motel 6 blanket covers. My child(ren )were not too impressed with my choice of motel & decided to sleep with daytime clothes on and made sure that their bare skin never touched the surface of that bed. I don't blame them. I was fighting with trying to keep the darn sheets on the bed! The sheets for life of me kept slipping off the corners. How sick would it be sleep on a bare mattress at the 6? YUCK. It was an experience. I also noticed that the sheets on my bed were put on inside out. which made me think, that Griselda the house keeper as the comment card said her name. Did she just flip the sheets? That is really all I could think of. Get an extra day of the use of the sheets? cost cutting??? Poor Griselda is really just working with what she has. There was a bar of soap in the bathroom wrapped up as always.... but this bar of soap looked like it made it's way under someones shoe before it ended up on the freshly folded wash cloths beside the sink.

I wish I wasn't such a cheap bastard. I don't think we'll be staying at the 6 again.

The quilt above is my inspiration for 2009.

I think more and more each day, that I am becoming such an old lady....