Thursday, February 28, 2008

Easter is early this year!??

W.I.P, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I just found out a couple of days ago that Easter is in March this year!

It will be a busy month! St. Patricks Day. Spring break (2 weeks long!) & Easter!

Gosh! I had this awesome plan for a St.Patty's window display, but now looks like it'll be pure Easter. Maybe I'll sneak in a little something for St.Patty's in there.

So here I am freakin' out about bunnies & eggs!

Sewing till by machine explodes!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rockets & Canoes

I haven't had much time to go thrift shopping in the last while, but found this little jem for $2 the other night on my way home.

I miss the old days... the days of riding bikes around , going for tea & thrifting.

It was all so simple.

Friday, February 22, 2008

What was I thinkin'?

I was just talkin' about this how long ago??? How feet can totally effect your whole day & body. If your feet are not happy in shoes. Your whole body will pay the price for it. I wore shoes today, that needed to be broken in. Everyone at home, warned me! "Wear socks! Wear socks!!!" I retorted with, "You don't wear socks with these shoes sillies!". I should have known better! My feet were bloody nubs by the time I got to work. Thankfully, I carry socks at Occupied! I stole these cutie panda ones to make my feeties feel better. I tried to deviate from my norm. I am most comfortable in sneakers. They are pretty fool proof for comfort. I'm too old to play roulette with my feet & unknown shoesies. I love comfort. I will admit it is great when you do find a pair of shoes, that don't do you wrong.

I think I'm looking for a new pair of sneakers tomorrow, to treat my poor feet.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


it's all about balance, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I'm having a hard time juggling everything. I desperately need to learn how to manage my time. It amazes me that some mothers I know actually awake at 5am, clean house & have some time to themselves before waking the kids for school. I can't do it. I wish I could. I know come the end of the day, I would be so beat, I already am & I wake up at 7am. I need over 6 hours sleep to manage. I guess, I never asked them what time they other mothers go to bed. If they go to bed at 9pm, then waking up at 5am, could be a slice a cake! Well maybe...

The owner where we live just put our house on the market. Now I'm looking for new diggs to call home. I kind of want to get a vintage airstream, but in real life, I would need two 40ft ones. Just so I could give my kids space, not to mention myself. I complain about my sewing room being in a closet now, where would I put my sewing room in a airstream? This is the thing wth people now a days. We think bigger is better. But, really 3 generations of a family in Japan, will live in the smallest of apartments & they manage some how. Why do we need 3000sq. ft homes? Do we really need all that space? I'm so torn.

My plan is to just try and focus on sewing right now. I've been distracted with what the next step is... where will we move?!!! I dread moving.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love my bonita

hiding, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Moose Molly with grandma Laura Chaplin

Today Robert Chaplin came in & shared this lovely photo with me of his grandma from his blog.

It was taken in 1955. The moose was named Molly. Molly is being fed milk from a wine bottle. They lived on Babine Lake, in Northern B.C.

I love that his grandma, had a pet moose.

How wonderful is this photo!!!???

God I love it.

Check out grandma with a smoke in her hand.

The photo is so sweet.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Momma-bot, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I am workin' on wee-bots. This is the momma-bot.

Her hands are always cold, so she likes to tuck them in her front pocket. I can relate to her. I'm always cold & can always be found wearing a sweater, or at least a scarf around my neck.

We went for dinner tonight. I won't say where. Let's just say a "family restaurant". Our waitress was wearing shoes that were about 3 sizes too big for her. Can you imagine? Working a 8 hour shift on your feet, and wearing shoes that were way too big? I was so tempted to leave a big tip - because the girl needs new shoes right!? But, the service was terrible. I always feel obligated to leave big tips. Only 'cause I don't want them thinking I'm a cheap ass as I leave. But, service?.... it's suppose to be all about the service. I left her a good tip, even though she was a horrid server. Maybe her feet were affecting her service....

Poor waitress lady.

Happy valentines day!

happy valentines day, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I wish you all a happy valentines day!

hope you have lot's of love & cuddles from those that are special to you!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lavender? Lavendar?

bunny, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I made a batch of these little bunnies last week. I filled them with this yummy organic lavender. I swear I was getting delirious from the overwhelming smell of the lavender. As soon as you walked in the shop, it was pretty potent.

At one point I was taking a break, and sitting with Luke the cat, and I was thinking about the postman. I had missed him 2 days in a row, he was coming before the shop opened! It was 3pm, and I was wondering if he was going to drop by again once he was done his route.Sure enough, after I had been thinking about him, he walked in!

It played out a little like this;
Postman walks in...

Me: I was just thinking about you!!!
Postman: You were?
Me: Yes I was!!! (As I am yelling across the shop) I was thinking about you... you and your package, and wondering if you were coming.
Postman: My package?! (laughs)
Me:Ummm... yes, thanks for bringing the PARCEL by again. (blushing)

I blame the way this played out, on me being high on lavender.

Also in real life I spell it lavendar. But, when I looked it up, people were spelling it "lavender". So is it a Canadian thing to spell it "ar" at the end, and American thing to spell it with the "er"?

Kind of like the way we spell cheque, and the U.S spells it check??!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Unofficial blog break & no more livejournal

off to school we go, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I have been so busy & not doing much sewing for the last month. January was spent battling migraines & flu bugs. It was officially the worst way to start off the new year. Our weather was so strange too. We had many snow falls & slushy messes to deal with. All I can think is this poor world. It's falling apart. Our weather is suppose to be mild in the winter. Not constant snow storms & flooding!???

The sun did make an appearance last week. That is when I took this photo on the way to take the girls to school. I felt finally lifted of my bad luck. I just desperately needed some vitamin D, I think.

I have many exciting projects on my to-do list, and I can't wait to hop on it. Right now I am doing many clouds, as the boys are coming to buy them for their ladies for Valentines Day. I love seeing boys come to buy things for their ladies. There are many lucky ladies out there, that have such sweet men in their life. It usually plays out, with the men being dragged through the shop, the girls ooing & awwing over everything. But, the men take note & they do come and purchase these items as a gift at some point. So sweet! I love it.

Anyway, I better go get on those clouds!

P.S: I decided to more or less to seperate my personal life from the Occupied blog on live journal. This journal will be the behind the scenes action of Occupied which is my life.