Monday, September 27, 2010

call me tv head

During the week my daughters and I catch a daily contest on the radio called, TV HEAD. I love this contest and my kids actually think I am super smart because I always get the answers before the contestants. God, knows I would never make it on to Jeopardy! Oh, if Hollywood Squares was still on - I think I could kick some a$$ on that one. Hollywood Squares + TV Head= all meeeeeee. Because, I know I can bring it! I have all this wonderful useless television trivia in my head from like, what???? 30 years of television watching. Theme songs, catch phrases, I got it all up here, in my big noggin. You know what? Someone needs to bring a new game show back on TV that tests all this wonderful knowledge us TV heads have. Because I know there is an abundance of us out there. Forget reality tv shows, awesome game shows please???!!! You know what else I got in my noggin'? Songs from the 80's... 

 I need to one day not be in the middle of driving somewhere when this contest comes on the radio. Why'd they make cell phones if you can't use them when you are mobile? Kidding! Don't worry, I'm not one of "those drivers" that talk on their cell phone while driving - so dangerous & actually totally annoying to catch other drivers in the act (it is illegal here to talk on a cell phone while driving). What about when people are texting and driving??? ACK! So completely dangerous.

 On the topic of scary things while driving. You know what I saw the other day? And not the first time... a lady with her baby in her lap in the back seat of the car while it was in MOTION! They were heading out onto the freeway!!! JEEZ!!! Can you believe that? So scary. I wanted to roll down my window and yell at them to put their baby in friggin' a car seat! Like, what are they thinkin'??? Get a brain! If they get in an accident that baby is so gone. Terribleness. Also about a month ago, I saw a woman sitting in the front seat of her brand spanking Mini Cooper with a small baby in her lap! Honestly? What planet are these new parents from? Hello, Britney Spears!? You think it's wrong to wanna yell at these people? Where are the traffic police when you need them? The only thing I am left thinking, as that cute baby drives off with their little lives left in the hands of their crazy parent, is that hopefully they will get caught sooner then later and that small child will be safe in their car seat. Am I missing something here? I am pretty sure that it's illegal to drive with your infant outta that car seat. It's so crazy to witness in real life.

FYI: 2 of our 5 postcards made it to their new homes! The one to the States & the other was off to Germany! That was pretty fast. We are now officially on the list for receiving 2, now!!! YAY!!! i wonder where they will come from. So exciting to know something is coming in the mail for us! I love snail mail!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

summer is over

I was hoping to keep more on top of daily blogging, but I'm having a problem getting back into the swing of it. Part of it is, that I have so much I want to say but don't know where to start. Last week I spent a lot of my free time uploading vacation photos to my kids facebook accounts. I know! I'm a total enabler. I, myself loathe facebook. I am proud to say I am close to 4 months clean of facebook!!! YAY!!! I was an addict. I was constantly checking it... as I would sit down at the computer my fingers would automatically try and log into facebook! ACK! It was out of control. I am glad to have severed that connection. There is much better things I can be doing with my time than reading peoples status updates. Sorry facebook lovers... I do think it has it's good points, re-connecting with old classmates and looking up businesses and such. But honestly, I like being anonymous some what in this world. So no chance of me getting back on there.

I can't believe summer is over tonight. Why must my favourite season end??! Our tans are already fading from our trip to Hawaii, which saddens me and makes me want to run straight to my neighbourhood tanning salon. Okay not "this" neighbourhood - someone else's nicer neighbourhood! My neighbourhood consists mostly of massage parlours fronting as other businesses and car lots. I would be so scared that there was a camera in the room uploading on to some porn site, if I went to one in my area of town. LOL!! Back to my love of tanning. I do love being tanned. I love the warmth the sun gives, wrapping it's loving rays around me. Even the fake rays from the tanning salon make me happy. I know I am not meant for this rainy cold weather, but it's coming, I know it is. It's sunny today, but this morning was so chilly. You could see your breathe in the air. Time to pull out the fall jackets and more sensible shoes, no more sandals. Waaaah! I love summer time... please don't go!!! I actually was totally not ready for the weather the other day. I dropped the girls off at school and it started raining so hard... I was just wearing a little sweatshirt and sandals, oh yeah and pants. Needless to say when making my trek from North Van to Richmond I was soaked to the bone. No umbrella. No nothing. I promised myself last year when I got caught in the rain like that, I would always wear more sensible clothing and footwear from now on. Forget fashion & just go for function! I am all for that train of thought again. "Hello, full piece rain gear and hip-waders!!!". It's not pleasant feeling and looking like you just crawled out of a storm drain.

Ahhhh, the postcards! I am terrible. I just sent them off today. I was having a heck of a time finding cool local postcards. It was slim pickings and I had to bite the bullet otherwise I would have never gotten them in the post. I hope they all make it safe & sound and that people can read my writing! I am normally a pretty large bubbly type of printer, but on those small postcards I have to contain my bubbliness. It ended up looking like someone elses printing altogether. I was channeling a grade 4 boy, I think. I hope they like them. I sent 5 postcards out. 4 over seas, only one went to the States. I babbled, unsure of what these people care to hear from me! Once I get some in return, then I will more of an idea of what people expect. I can't wait to see where our postcards will come from.

I bid you aidieu summer!!! 
Hello, tanning salon! (maybe)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm here

Oh wow! It's been a long time!
Hello world!!!

I am excited to be back in the blogshpere, YAY!!!

Just a quick note today, I have to be running to go get my kids from school soon.

I just came across Postcrossing. I was on the prowl for a penpal in Kauai. (We just came back from vacation there - I want someone who can supply me with an endless supply of coconut syrup & candied coconut balls! Not to mention Li hing mui! YUM!!) Anyway, when all I could come up with was weird listings for men from Hawaii looking for Japanese women to email. Feeling like I wish things were a little more old school and not so creepy, I stumbled upon Postcrossing. YAY!!!

 I am not entirely sure how it all works, but you register and create an account. When you request to send a postcard to someone, you get the address emailed to you & a postcard i.d number. You put the i.d number on your postcard so then when the person receives it, your card can be traced. The site keeps track of all your incoming & outgoing postcards.

Seems neat.
People have more details on their profile about the type of postcards they would like and so on.
I can't wait to tell the girls about it.

I also can't wait to get one!!!

I've got our first postcard recipient and our first postcard is going to Mendon, MA!
YAY Mendon, MA!

Where is that?
I better go look it up.