Tuesday, November 16, 2010

busy bee's

Hello Mr. Dog Whisperer!!!
Do you see him? He's in the grey sweater by the door way.. look at the pug watching me! So cute.

Last week the infamous Cesar Millan was in town to do a talk & the day after he did a meet and greet at the Bosley's Pet store here in Richmond. We went not really knowing what to expect. The first 200 people got wrist bands and got to wait inside a building. If you weren't so lucky, you had to wait outside in the dreary rain. We were 183 & 184!!!  Whew! But, we got there at 10am... and didn't meet him until after 1:00. It was a long wait. AND we ended up sticking around to see him leave as requested by my daughter. So we had to wait another hour after we met him, to see him depart. But, my youngest was pretty stoked to meet him. The whole process was all pretty rushed though, They herded people in groups of 25 & you got your photo taken with him and he signed whatever you wanted and were given a head shot of him. I don't think we even made eye contact. Oh well!!! At least I stood in his presence, the ol'mighty dog whisperer. 

Guess who's taught herself to finger knit??? No, not me.
But, my little one is now an expert little finger knitter. She taught herself & is now making some special little projects for a craft show we are doing this weekend. 

We took a quick jaunt over the border this past weekend and she finger knitted herself into a coma...Well not quite, but there was some complaining about her fingers being sore. She's also attempted to show her bigger sister how it's done, but it wasn't very successful. I am trying to encourage them to not give up!!! Because it does seem super fun! You make things quite quickly. There is nothing better than seeing results within minutes. It's pretty rewarding.

We are spending the rest of the week getting ready for the craft show & trying to work on the Airstream!!!

I need clones of myself.

Monday, November 8, 2010

journal time

Last night my youngest daughter was catching up on some homework. As I looked over her shoulder down onto her notebook, I quickly noticed the words "Jackass". 

My inner alarm went off.
Not good words to be handing into a teacher!!!

I asked her what she was up to and what she was writing. She was just writing a review in her journal about a funny movie she has seen recently. I asked if she really thought Jackass, were good words to see on paper and hand into the teacher. She caught my drift & figured something else out.

Yes, we went to see Jackass 3 in 3D. Oh lordy! I hadn't seen the first 2, but knew the guys did some crazy stuff. Well... it was my youngest daughters choice of movie. She thought it would be soooo funny. Everytime she saw the ad on tv, she mentioned about wanting to go. I honestly had no idea what we were walking into. She laughed up a storm! Totally inappropiate for a young girl her age (what was I thinking?)... but, she didn't mind. There was some eye covering during some parts. I think her sense of humor may be slightly "off". She loved it.

She was looking though youtube video's and I have to say, I do like Johnny Knoxville. I love the catchy tune of the song in this clip too! I'm now smitten with Johnny.
Even though he is so rotten.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the hulk

A while back my daughter jumped in the car after school and said, " I broke some buttons on my shirt." I was all... "How?"... she said, "I reached up to grab something, and pretty much hulked my way outta the shirt!".

I couldn't stop laughing!!! 
Hulked her way outta the shirt!!!???

Oh, she kills me!

My little hulk.

Monday, November 1, 2010

last night

Fun times were had last night trick o' treating! We finally found an awesome neighbourhood that gets into the spirit of things in Richmond! YAY! After the last two Halloweens here, we were so close to giving up  & heading back to North Vancouver for treats. We even got to enjoy some fireworks at the West Richmond community centre before calling it at night. 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

never too early!

I was at Superstore getting some dinner things and to my surprise the Candy Cane fudge crackle ice cream is back!!! YAAAAY!!!

I only discovered the ice cream towards the end of the last Christmas Holiday season. Stoked it's back.

Thank god I've started running. My timing couldn't have been any better!!!

Don't worry I'll pace myself.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

creatures of the night

What do a nerd, flying squirrel and a zombie have in common?

They are all going trick-o-treating tomorrow night!!! YAY!!! (I'm the flying squirrel)

We've had to do some last minute shopping for my little zombie. Because she showed her friend what she was going to be wearing (a little too early) and the friend went and bought the same things!!! ACK!!! So because my daughter hates having the same stuff as other people, we had to go buy some different tights... not really a big deal. But, on the day before Halloween it is slim pickings for crazy tights! Value Village was pretty much liquidated of it's Halloween Dept. We did manage though to find a pair of barbed wire tights at a dept. store. Thank god!

I have had the worst last couple of days. I've been without a truck (again), the thing is constantly at the repair shop. The truck broke down Thursday night (always on a thursday!). As I was mentally preparing for the long day ahead of using public transportation, I couldn't sleep so I actually started my day at 2:30am. I was delirious by the time we got home last night, I went to bed at 6:30pm. On our early morning departure as we walked by our truck, I noticed some crackhead had busted my back passenger window!!! Jerks!!! I was already contemplating returning the truck to the dealership, but now have to replace the window before I can do that. I have lame luck.

I'm still dealing with the dealership on what to do with the truck, but as a treat out they are giving us tickets to Frightnight. I love getting scared. Love it. I remember going to the 630 CHED haunted house in Edmonton every year when I was growing up. So fun!!! But my youngest daughter, not so much loving gettin' scared. She takes it too personally. We are unsure how it will work if the three of us go... can't be leaving the little one outside, while we go in to the haunted houses... "Hey, carnie! Watch my kid would you?!". Not likely. But, the rides are open too, so we'll figure something out. Hopefully I can find someone else who can come with us.

Here's to wishing everyone a great night tonight! 
Hopefully you've all found your costumes for your Halloween festivities!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Grandma

My grandma passed away this June, the day after my daughter's birthday. I find myself wondering why she is gone. Like, why do other people still have their grandma's and I don't?

 As I walk down the street & look up at the balconies of apartments and wonder why couldn't my grandma enjoy one more summer of a balcony full of blooming flowers? How come she doesn't get to feel the season change?

I miss not being able to call her. I was even thinking of calling the number to see if someone else has taken the number. A new grandma for me to talk to? 

She is just gone now. No more apartment, no more phone number, no more her.

I know it's lame to say it's not fair. But, it isn't. I wish everyone could live forever.
 I hate the cycle of life.

I had a dream about her last week. I walked into her apartment and it was Christmas dinner. We were all there & she was walking around with a pepper shaker asking us if we needed pepper? She was kind of dancing around from person to person, and I remember just staring at her and thinking - you shouldn't be here - you can't be here, you are gone forever. She didn't look me in the eye, but I was standing next to her in awe that she somehow managed to come back for this family dinner. Then the dream was over.

She was such an awesome beautiful woman. She had quite the life & had so many wonderful/crazy stories to share. I try and think of her stories and wonder if I have remembered them right, so I can share them with my kids. I wish I could call & double check things with her. I don't want to get things wrong when re-telling. 

She was a painter. She always had an art room in her apartment. She was so crafty. I remember a million moons ago, I sent her a letter asking if she could make me a Gizmo costume for Halloween. I even tucked in one of my prized Gremlins trading cards in the letter of request so she could use it as reference. She never did make the costume... she said she couldn't find any good fur in her little town on the island. When I was going through her things after she passed, I was kind of hoping I would have come across that old letter. 

I remember hanging out at her place as a child and she was all about building forts in the middle of her living-room. She was so awesome. I don't think she ever made me clean up after myself.

When going through her things, I wanted to save everything. I put many things aside, and my dad took them. I would like to have more time to go back through her stuff. She actually had many, many, journals. She wrote about everything! I loved her old photos...

I miss our chats and  especially miss her laugh.
I miss her.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Have you ever scene a kokeshi sooooo big???!

Do you see how gigantic the kokeshi is? I have never seen one so big! She is just over 2 feet big. WOW.

 I found her at the flea market yesterday. After walking rows of rows of just lame tables. My youngest daughter and I were about 30 feet away from her awesomeness. You know that feeling when you see that magical must have item. I squeezed my daughters hand and whispered, "ohhhhh giant kokeshiiiiiiii". My daughter was all, "quit squeezing my hand mom". She didn't see it right away. But, there she be in all her glory 2 ft of pure loveliness. Then once she saw it, she gave me the squeeze back. Even at 9, she knows the feeling of seeing a good find. My little seasoned thrifter.

I played down my excitement as we approached the table. After a quick negotiation, I was walking away with her. 
We were outta there.
Greatest score ever...
Well, so far. 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

kumi solo! YAY!!!

Oh dear. How was kumi solo kept from me for so long? I have found her now & so have you if you haven't already.

Kumi sings in Japanese & French! EEK! Total awesomeness. I think she actually is living in Paris.
Check this super cute pop/electronica video out called, cheap pop song
Love her.

i forgot...

I forgot how much I love Japanese girl bands. I don't know how they slipped my mind for a bit. My fav ladies are from Kiiiiiii.

 When seeking them out again yesterday I came across this other group. Only to find out they have broken up :(  Ohhh... Afrirampo, Why???

I guess I am a little late on the Japanese girl band wagon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

true blood+real life alex

My mom gifted me an awesome little sony e-book when we were in Hawaii. I didn't instantly take to the e-book. But, as soon as I got home I discovered just how awesome this little thing is!

It's heaps better than lugging a book all over town. There were about 35 books on the e-book already (thanks mom!). I noticed a few books by, Charlaine Harris, and I was so excited. A friend had loaned me the first one of the book series in the early part of summer. I read it even though I have watched season 1 & 2 of Trueblood. I have yet to see any of season 3. After reading more of the books I am so smitten with Eric. I love Eric and how much he loves Sookie. Now, I'm all out of books by Charlaine Harris on the e-book! ACK!!! But, it's okay, I'll be fine. I just need to search out season 3 of Trueblood online to get my Sookie & Eric fix.

How lovely is the real Alex Skarsgard in real life??? So lovely. I came across this video of him hyping up the crowd at some soccer stadium in Sweden. I'm Smitten. I'm adding him to my freebie 5.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

alberto's family

Love, love, LOVE everything Sebastian Bandin makes for Alberto's Family. Like the above kitty named, Links. Adorableness.

Each one is handmade & comes numbered. You have to check out Paloma too, she is a dove. She appears to be sold out at the moment, but check out her socks!???

Ack! It kills me - too CUTE!
He is a genius.

Be sure to check out everything on his site - postcards, totes & notebooks too.
Pure greatness.

Chihuahua glass case?

My baby Lily
I love my Lily(my teacup chihuahua) but, I couldn't imagine keeping her in a glass case! I stumbled upon this old photo from the 50's too. 

So bizarre!
 I'm glad this fad didn't catch on!!!

Chihuahua's have such attitude's too - I couldn't imagine Lily complying with hanging out in the glass case. She's pretty bossy, she wouldn't have it all. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

roasted pumpkin seeeeeeeds!

Pumpkin carving has ensued around here and I decided to look for a different recipe rather than just do our pumpkin seeds, plain 'ol salted again.
I found this recipe.

 I love them!
I didn't have cumin in the cupboard, but it turned out so yummy without it. The kids really liked it too. Much more enjoyable than just salted. So if you haven't already roasted up your pumpkin seeds totally try this recipe! You won't be disappointed.

 They WERE sooooooo gooooooood - notice the past tense?
they are sadly all gone now!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

oh so easy!

I just transferred my old blog to the new one, just now!
 It was so easy! Gosh, blogger has made some many changes since I was last on here. I never thought it would be so easy to transfer all those old posts. But, it was. Awesome! I feel whole now.

The picture above was from earlier this week. Silly me locked my one and only key in the truck right smack on the seat! GOSH what a nerd I am! The lucky tow truck driver earned $70 in less than 5 minutes! I'd love to earn $70/5 minutes. It was so simple too, all he did was insert a inflatable pad in between the door and the truck... pumped it up using what looked like the a pump to check your blood pressure, slid in a wire pole thing and clicked the switch to unlock the doors. I wish I had known how easy that was going to be. Surely I could have done it. So easy.

Note to self: Make more copies of keys for the truck.

pumpkin patch squishiness

Last weekend we hit up the local pumpkin patch in Ladner. It had been a pretty rainy day before this beautiful sunny Sunday, so we expected it to me quite marshy out there in the fields. We had warned our little friend that she should wear some rubber boots too. Nothing could have prepared us for how muddy it really was. Families were coming and attempting in just runners and normal footwear. There was no way they could go into the fields to find their pumpkins. So they opted out of "pick your own pumpkin".

 We spent about an hour and a half in the field looking for the perfect pumpkin. All along the way getting stuck in ankle deep mud if we stood for in one spot too long. I even found the perfect pumpkin! I wasn't going to get one for myself, but I couldn't resist when I saw it. I gave the camera to my older daughter to take a picture of me and my awesome pumpkin... but she was taking forever to get the shot. Meanwhile I was sinking! I was like Dre Parker in the garden scene of Karate Kid (new one). But, I was stuck! "Forget the shot! Come and help meeeeee out!!!", I yelled to my daughter. She tried to pull me out and over towards her, and I just fell forward feet still stuck in the mud, knees now covered in muddiness. I was kind of starting to panic, I was sinking more and more by the second. I put my pumpkin down and tried to pullllllll my boots out with all my might. My feet were sinking more. Nothing was working.  I was about mid-calf deep in mud now. I almost gave up. Just leave me out in the field to rot. But, I couldn't let the field win & beat the city girl! I pulled my barefoot out of the boot that was really stuck. I then balanced that foot on a near by pumpkin and then got low and yanked with all my power on the boot that was getting sucked into the field. It was so in there, like concrete. Finally I just growled with all my strength and got it out!!!! YAY!!! I put my boot on, got the other foot out and high tailed it out there. So relieved. Screw you mother eating field! How many other mothers had that field eaten, I wonder???? all in the name of fun?

Then we headed to the section where you pay, the girls saw all the perfect pumpkins neatly all set out in sections. They ditch their pumpkins that we worked so hard for to pick the pre-picked ones! I kept mine though. I almost died in a field for that pumpkin!!! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

an adventure+bikes= FUN

Our truck became ill on our way to school a week ago, so unable to get to school on time we decided to play hookie!!! Instead of having the girls sit at home on facebook or watching tv all day,  I told them we had to be outta the house the whole day. We went and got my bike fixed and then headed out to Stevenston for our first super duper long bike ride!!!

 We had tons of fun, we did a little thrift shopping (found some fun masks)... saw cows, turtles and bascially just took our time all along the way. Stopping to rest ALOT. We left the house at 9:15am and didn't get back till 5:30pm. Our butts were a little sore - maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but I think I have the worst bike seat in history. I need a pillow on my seat for next time!

 It was an all out awesome day. We had always wanted to ride to Steveston from our house & thankfully the weather was beautiful and we got to do it. Not sure I would do it again... I'll need to invest in something for my bike seat. But, with the weather hanging in there we might just have to squeeze in one more crazy bike day adventure before our weather turns into cold, soggy days of darkenss.

Monday, September 27, 2010

call me tv head

During the week my daughters and I catch a daily contest on the radio called, TV HEAD. I love this contest and my kids actually think I am super smart because I always get the answers before the contestants. God, knows I would never make it on to Jeopardy! Oh, if Hollywood Squares was still on - I think I could kick some a$$ on that one. Hollywood Squares + TV Head= all meeeeeee. Because, I know I can bring it! I have all this wonderful useless television trivia in my head from like, what???? 30 years of television watching. Theme songs, catch phrases, I got it all up here, in my big noggin. You know what? Someone needs to bring a new game show back on TV that tests all this wonderful knowledge us TV heads have. Because I know there is an abundance of us out there. Forget reality tv shows, awesome game shows please???!!! You know what else I got in my noggin'? Songs from the 80's... 

 I need to one day not be in the middle of driving somewhere when this contest comes on the radio. Why'd they make cell phones if you can't use them when you are mobile? Kidding! Don't worry, I'm not one of "those drivers" that talk on their cell phone while driving - so dangerous & actually totally annoying to catch other drivers in the act (it is illegal here to talk on a cell phone while driving). What about when people are texting and driving??? ACK! So completely dangerous.

 On the topic of scary things while driving. You know what I saw the other day? And not the first time... a lady with her baby in her lap in the back seat of the car while it was in MOTION! They were heading out onto the freeway!!! JEEZ!!! Can you believe that? So scary. I wanted to roll down my window and yell at them to put their baby in friggin' a car seat! Like, what are they thinkin'??? Get a brain! If they get in an accident that baby is so gone. Terribleness. Also about a month ago, I saw a woman sitting in the front seat of her brand spanking Mini Cooper with a small baby in her lap! Honestly? What planet are these new parents from? Hello, Britney Spears!? You think it's wrong to wanna yell at these people? Where are the traffic police when you need them? The only thing I am left thinking, as that cute baby drives off with their little lives left in the hands of their crazy parent, is that hopefully they will get caught sooner then later and that small child will be safe in their car seat. Am I missing something here? I am pretty sure that it's illegal to drive with your infant outta that car seat. It's so crazy to witness in real life.

FYI: 2 of our 5 postcards made it to their new homes! The one to the States & the other was off to Germany! That was pretty fast. We are now officially on the list for receiving 2, now!!! YAY!!! i wonder where they will come from. So exciting to know something is coming in the mail for us! I love snail mail!!!