Saturday, October 16, 2010

pumpkin patch squishiness

Last weekend we hit up the local pumpkin patch in Ladner. It had been a pretty rainy day before this beautiful sunny Sunday, so we expected it to me quite marshy out there in the fields. We had warned our little friend that she should wear some rubber boots too. Nothing could have prepared us for how muddy it really was. Families were coming and attempting in just runners and normal footwear. There was no way they could go into the fields to find their pumpkins. So they opted out of "pick your own pumpkin".

 We spent about an hour and a half in the field looking for the perfect pumpkin. All along the way getting stuck in ankle deep mud if we stood for in one spot too long. I even found the perfect pumpkin! I wasn't going to get one for myself, but I couldn't resist when I saw it. I gave the camera to my older daughter to take a picture of me and my awesome pumpkin... but she was taking forever to get the shot. Meanwhile I was sinking! I was like Dre Parker in the garden scene of Karate Kid (new one). But, I was stuck! "Forget the shot! Come and help meeeeee out!!!", I yelled to my daughter. She tried to pull me out and over towards her, and I just fell forward feet still stuck in the mud, knees now covered in muddiness. I was kind of starting to panic, I was sinking more and more by the second. I put my pumpkin down and tried to pullllllll my boots out with all my might. My feet were sinking more. Nothing was working.  I was about mid-calf deep in mud now. I almost gave up. Just leave me out in the field to rot. But, I couldn't let the field win & beat the city girl! I pulled my barefoot out of the boot that was really stuck. I then balanced that foot on a near by pumpkin and then got low and yanked with all my power on the boot that was getting sucked into the field. It was so in there, like concrete. Finally I just growled with all my strength and got it out!!!! YAY!!! I put my boot on, got the other foot out and high tailed it out there. So relieved. Screw you mother eating field! How many other mothers had that field eaten, I wonder???? all in the name of fun?

Then we headed to the section where you pay, the girls saw all the perfect pumpkins neatly all set out in sections. They ditch their pumpkins that we worked so hard for to pick the pre-picked ones! I kept mine though. I almost died in a field for that pumpkin!!! 

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