Monday, November 8, 2010

journal time

Last night my youngest daughter was catching up on some homework. As I looked over her shoulder down onto her notebook, I quickly noticed the words "Jackass". 

My inner alarm went off.
Not good words to be handing into a teacher!!!

I asked her what she was up to and what she was writing. She was just writing a review in her journal about a funny movie she has seen recently. I asked if she really thought Jackass, were good words to see on paper and hand into the teacher. She caught my drift & figured something else out.

Yes, we went to see Jackass 3 in 3D. Oh lordy! I hadn't seen the first 2, but knew the guys did some crazy stuff. Well... it was my youngest daughters choice of movie. She thought it would be soooo funny. Everytime she saw the ad on tv, she mentioned about wanting to go. I honestly had no idea what we were walking into. She laughed up a storm! Totally inappropiate for a young girl her age (what was I thinking?)... but, she didn't mind. There was some eye covering during some parts. I think her sense of humor may be slightly "off". She loved it.

She was looking though youtube video's and I have to say, I do like Johnny Knoxville. I love the catchy tune of the song in this clip too! I'm now smitten with Johnny.
Even though he is so rotten.

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