Thursday, May 21, 2009

Morning/Afternoon Update of Luke at the Vet

(Flowers for Luke from my sweet neighbour Nada @ Bruce Eyewear)

Last night after seeing Luke I had such a positive feeling and that he was recovering. I was looking forward to taking him home this morning. Luke is still not eating his food and has to be force-fed. They showed me how to feed him. Poor Luke had dribbled food all over his chest while she feed him. I would definitely put a bib on him he does not need to have food all over himself. They also keep referring to him as a she, and I keep correcting them.
Finally the catheter was removed as well.

My bright hopes were dashed as my morning unfolded; I have been at the Vet's from the time it opened until 1pm.

Luke apparently developed a fever last night. When I was with him I noticed his ears felt a little warm. But the veterinarian on call never mentioned that he had a fever. However, when his regular vet came in this morning he told me that he has NEVER seen a case like this. Where the cat was on two antibiotics still managed to get a fever. Luke originally went in without a fever, but the Doctor thought that he must have had one earlier and then it subsided. He has been at the vets for three days without a fever until last night.

The Dr. recommended we HAVE to do an x-ray because he suspected a tumor. I waited for what seemed like forever for the x-ray to develop. The x-ray revealed that his liver looks like it has some kind of abnormality and his kidney appear enlarged. He also mentioned something about this area where his heart is located. There is some kind of cushion underneath it. Lymph nodes?

At the end I had to leave Luke there again because they were drawing more blood for two blood cultures. The results of those tests will take a few days. The Dr. doesn't think tumors at this point- but at the same time he has no diagnosis, only that something is not right. Once again, the ultra sound would hopefully verify and give us some kind of diagnosis and we can start the treatment. Luke needs to have two ultra sounds one of his chest and another of his abdomen.

I paid Luke's bill to date, to the tune of $852.08.
I had felt relief last night thinking that we were over the worst of it, and that Luke would be on the road to recovery. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster, with lows and highs, and now once again my heart is breaking.

When Luke was getting sick last weekend, I too was in the process of getting sick. I am still sick and this worry is not helping me heal I am sure. I caught this terrible chest cold. Sunday was actually my birthday and I spent it in bed with a fever with aches, pains with a sinus from hell. My head is still congested and the stress of my poor Luke being sick is well not helping. I had a terrible headache, which felt like it was going to explode by the time my head finally made contact with my pillow. I mentioned to some people that it was like I was Elliott & Luke was my E.T. (making 1980 movie reference, for those who don't remember E.T) Maybe I need to get better and then Luke will get better....

Without a doubt I will be brining him home, but now it is a matter of getting the funds together for the ultra sounds. I am going to be calling the local S.P.C.A clinic to see if it is cheaper through them and if it is possible to squeeze Luke in for an appointment. I don't know the exact cost yet of the ultrasounds.

I am so touched by the generosity and compassion from you all. I am in tears just thinking about how many kind people are out there who have never even met Luke or me but are sending their best wishes for his recovery and also contributing to Luke’s treatment fund.
Thank you so much for your help. The cost is still unconfirmed still because I am trying to get the best rate. I will be adding a little widget on the side that lets us know how much we have in the pot for Luke's treatment. Someone had sent me the suggestion for that (thanks - such a great idea!!) I have been outta the twitter loop since last night & know that I have many messages to catch up on. I'm trying to do my best here.

Once again Thanks so much for all the suggestions and advice. This has been all very overwhelming for me but I will keep you updated on Luke’s progress.
I better get on twitter & let you know about this update!!!


  1. I feel your pain, Luke is an adorable cat. I hope you get some good news soon and that Luke will be purrrrrring in his own little bed.

  2. Thanks Marjorie Dawson!!! The love is so overwhelming on Twitter. I couldn't imagine my world with out all of you now... thank you.