Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Evening update day 3 @ vet

Oh my Lukey. I was able to spend about 20 minutes with him tonight. His little kennel was ground level almost, so I just sat on the floor & gave him love. When he heard me, he perked up to looking for me. Melt my heart. He started purring right away as soon as I pet him. This is such a good sign! He was so non-reactive before not looking at anything yesterday. So to see him respond was such a positive thing. He had to be force fed again today, but I'm sure that is what is giving him his strength again. He even stepped up to walk closer so he could lean a little out of the kennel to be close. He talked to me, when no one was around. He was voicing how he wanted out of there, I'm sure. Oh my sweet Lukey.

The Vet & I decided to just keep him there one more night because I guess it is tomorrow that the I.V has to be out. I just want him to get that extra night of fluids. Luke has even been using the litter box!!! I'm so happy that he has perked up. I actually feel like I will get some sleep tonight. I told him I would be back in the morning to pick him & that he really should try & eat his foodies on his own. If he doesn't go for food, they are going to show me how to feed him, which is fine by me. I really want him out of there. Next step will be the ultra sound. But, I do feel relieved that he is out of that lethargic phase. Thank god.

I love my Luke. 
I swear everyones good thoughts & prayers are working!!!

Goodnight everyone.

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  1. We is all pulling for you Luke! Hang in there buddy, your twitter anipals want to see yous get better!