Monday, January 12, 2009


Happy New Year! I know it's been forever!! I had attempted a couple of times to sit down & blog about my world, but so much has happened. How could I possibly catch up with all my posts. Then it got to a point, that it was almost hard to come back here to write.

Christmas was great for all of us. Santa was so kind. It was all about functional gifts, nothing better that being able to actually use what you are given. I only had the one day off, but thanks to the storm I probably just could have stayed home & enjoyed more time with my family then sitting around by myself at work... well I had Luke to keep me company. The weather really sucked ass.

New Years eve was exhausting. I tried soooo hard to stay up & celebrate. The girls this year were determined to stay up. But, we ended up retiring to the bedroom at 11:40 & laid in bed waiting for midnight to strike. We heard fireworks & happy partying people in the marina. Then it was lights out. I was so beat.

New Years day we headed south for the border to go a see our favorite peoples EVER! We spent a night & day visiting. It was too short. I hate short visits. But that is all I am capable of fitting in. Someday, I will get a real holiday with friends & family. I wanted to stay at a cheap-o-motel. It was just for sleeping right?!!! We chose the motel 6 yo! Where they will leave the light on for you! But now i know why they leave the light on...

They gave us some nasty ass smokers room - who smokes in motel rooms still??!!! Well someone does 'cause there was lovely burn holes in the polyester motel 6 blanket covers. My child(ren )were not too impressed with my choice of motel & decided to sleep with daytime clothes on and made sure that their bare skin never touched the surface of that bed. I don't blame them. I was fighting with trying to keep the darn sheets on the bed! The sheets for life of me kept slipping off the corners. How sick would it be sleep on a bare mattress at the 6? YUCK. It was an experience. I also noticed that the sheets on my bed were put on inside out. which made me think, that Griselda the house keeper as the comment card said her name. Did she just flip the sheets? That is really all I could think of. Get an extra day of the use of the sheets? cost cutting??? Poor Griselda is really just working with what she has. There was a bar of soap in the bathroom wrapped up as always.... but this bar of soap looked like it made it's way under someones shoe before it ended up on the freshly folded wash cloths beside the sink.

I wish I wasn't such a cheap bastard. I don't think we'll be staying at the 6 again.

The quilt above is my inspiration for 2009.

I think more and more each day, that I am becoming such an old lady....


  1. pathological optimistJanuary 12, 2009 at 3:23 PM

    happy new years jenelle!! i hope this year is magical for you and your girls. dirty motels are scary, i worry about bedbugs and worse and never get any sleep in them.

  2. happy new years to you tooooooo!!!

    i did a total check in the corners of the mattress for the bed bugs!!! so terrible. the sheets were already coming off! so i took a looky.

    cheap ass motels were fun when i was young... 'cause it was an adventure of sorts... but screw that!

    i'm too old and too much of a germ-a-phobe to ever go through that again... silly me!