Saturday, July 26, 2008

This week has gone by so fast!

This week was spent mostly in the van. My youngest went to her contortion summer camp classes, which are pretty far from where we live. Getting there was no problem, no traffic.... but coming back just so happen to be the "going home hour". We were smart the first day of having to drive back into town & instead of sitting in traffic we headed to the beach in White Rock. The water was so warm & so nice! We hadn't brought swimsuits... So the ride back home was done in wet clothes. It was okay because the beach and warm water were totally worth it. We also stocked up on berries at a local farm while we were in the neighbourhood of all the Berry Farmers. The weather all this week has been awesome, until today it started sprinkling rain. I guess you can't expect prefect weather all the time! But, we deserve it. Summer started so late here.

The contortion classes for my youngest went GREAT! She loved/es it! It was her first time in classes of any sort and she totally lucked out. No one else was actually in her class besides her. So it was private lessons for the price of a group! YAY! She also had the complete attention of the teacher, so they were able to  go over way more things together. When the teacher on the first day said that they would get to play on the "Aerial Silks". I was thinking there, is no way she will go on those. Sure enough after day one, she was like " I was hanging upside down in the silks & spinning! Usually after each class, I would ask her what the best part of the day was, and overall the aerial silks rank pretty high on her list of all the great things she did there. She loves the aerial silks! I would have never thought. She is on such a roll! It's actually exhausting for me. She is always practicing stretches now & last night was her going for the perfect kart-wheel. I swear she must of done 30 of them before bed. I was like... "Okay, 2 more then it's bed time"... after those 2... "Okay. 2 more then it's bedtime!". She was just determined to perfect it. She actually starting rating them & keeping track on a piece of paper!!! EGAD! Finally, I think her arms were just too sleepy to carry on and we headed to bed. I was just so beat watching her.

We planted some flowers in some containers yesterday too! It was nice to finally be able to add to what we have. I basically just let the girls pick what they want out. So we have so many different colours going on in our planters. It looks great really! We get so much direct sun, we have to stay on top of watering - I hope we can keep up, without killing any.

I've started sewing again too! YAY! Just a small project... I'll have to take pictures in the next couple of days. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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