Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lavender? Lavendar?

bunny, originally uploaded by too_occupied.

I made a batch of these little bunnies last week. I filled them with this yummy organic lavender. I swear I was getting delirious from the overwhelming smell of the lavender. As soon as you walked in the shop, it was pretty potent.

At one point I was taking a break, and sitting with Luke the cat, and I was thinking about the postman. I had missed him 2 days in a row, he was coming before the shop opened! It was 3pm, and I was wondering if he was going to drop by again once he was done his route.Sure enough, after I had been thinking about him, he walked in!

It played out a little like this;
Postman walks in...

Me: I was just thinking about you!!!
Postman: You were?
Me: Yes I was!!! (As I am yelling across the shop) I was thinking about you... you and your package, and wondering if you were coming.
Postman: My package?! (laughs)
Me:Ummm... yes, thanks for bringing the PARCEL by again. (blushing)

I blame the way this played out, on me being high on lavender.

Also in real life I spell it lavendar. But, when I looked it up, people were spelling it "lavender". So is it a Canadian thing to spell it "ar" at the end, and American thing to spell it with the "er"?

Kind of like the way we spell cheque, and the U.S spells it check??!!!

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  1. i like canadian spelling better. it's much more romantique! <3