Thursday, February 21, 2008


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I'm having a hard time juggling everything. I desperately need to learn how to manage my time. It amazes me that some mothers I know actually awake at 5am, clean house & have some time to themselves before waking the kids for school. I can't do it. I wish I could. I know come the end of the day, I would be so beat, I already am & I wake up at 7am. I need over 6 hours sleep to manage. I guess, I never asked them what time they other mothers go to bed. If they go to bed at 9pm, then waking up at 5am, could be a slice a cake! Well maybe...

The owner where we live just put our house on the market. Now I'm looking for new diggs to call home. I kind of want to get a vintage airstream, but in real life, I would need two 40ft ones. Just so I could give my kids space, not to mention myself. I complain about my sewing room being in a closet now, where would I put my sewing room in a airstream? This is the thing wth people now a days. We think bigger is better. But, really 3 generations of a family in Japan, will live in the smallest of apartments & they manage some how. Why do we need 3000sq. ft homes? Do we really need all that space? I'm so torn.

My plan is to just try and focus on sewing right now. I've been distracted with what the next step is... where will we move?!!! I dread moving.

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