Tuesday, November 16, 2010

busy bee's

Hello Mr. Dog Whisperer!!!
Do you see him? He's in the grey sweater by the door way.. look at the pug watching me! So cute.

Last week the infamous Cesar Millan was in town to do a talk & the day after he did a meet and greet at the Bosley's Pet store here in Richmond. We went not really knowing what to expect. The first 200 people got wrist bands and got to wait inside a building. If you weren't so lucky, you had to wait outside in the dreary rain. We were 183 & 184!!!  Whew! But, we got there at 10am... and didn't meet him until after 1:00. It was a long wait. AND we ended up sticking around to see him leave as requested by my daughter. So we had to wait another hour after we met him, to see him depart. But, my youngest was pretty stoked to meet him. The whole process was all pretty rushed though, They herded people in groups of 25 & you got your photo taken with him and he signed whatever you wanted and were given a head shot of him. I don't think we even made eye contact. Oh well!!! At least I stood in his presence, the ol'mighty dog whisperer. 

Guess who's taught herself to finger knit??? No, not me.
But, my little one is now an expert little finger knitter. She taught herself & is now making some special little projects for a craft show we are doing this weekend. 

We took a quick jaunt over the border this past weekend and she finger knitted herself into a coma...Well not quite, but there was some complaining about her fingers being sore. She's also attempted to show her bigger sister how it's done, but it wasn't very successful. I am trying to encourage them to not give up!!! Because it does seem super fun! You make things quite quickly. There is nothing better than seeing results within minutes. It's pretty rewarding.

We are spending the rest of the week getting ready for the craft show & trying to work on the Airstream!!!

I need clones of myself.

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